Friday, 9 February 2018

Twenty Eighteen.

Hello, it's me.
I've been more or less absent from here for the past two years, with no real solid excuse. It's always in the back of my mind, this little corner of the internet, but I've found it hard to sit down and commit to a real post for a good amount of time. In the words of Fall Out Boy 'The only thing that's ever stopping me, is me.', and ain't that the truth. One of my New Year's resolutions (I have more which I mentioned of my podcast, which you can listen to here) is more mental energy: I need 'I can't be bothered' not to be an excuse anymore, whether that's exercise, relationships or this here blog. I tell myself 'I have a job, a boyfriend, I'm doing a degree, how do I have time to do this anymore?' however I fail to remember that I started this blog with all those previous commitments in place, and made time for it. This was something that really used to bring me joy, but when you have no one keeping tabs on when you upload and how often you upload, once you miss your own personal deadline it's a steep slope to once again keep yourself accountable. Last year I found myself really questioning social media and my place on it, why do I post what I post? As soon as I found any momentum to post anything, I often talked myself out of seeing it through, whether it was if I'd be able to take a decent enough photograph to accompany a post or if I'd be able to strike a balance between informative and boring. Needless to say I won't find out if that photo is any good or if I've found that balance without giving it a good college try. So here I am, a girl sat in front of her blog, asking it to forgive me, because I've forgiven myself. I'm going on holiday for the first time in 6 months this weekend, and I assure you scheduled programming will be back on track. I aim for one post and one video a week, but if I don't hit that, I'm not going to beat myself up. At the end of last year I worked myself up and burned myself out, neither of which are ideal, but that's okay, because I've forgiven myself for that too.

The next one will be a little less emo, and a little more beauty. (Full of the FOB references today, aren't I?)

Forever thanks.


January Favourites!

Remember me?! An actual real life post soon, I promise. I PROMISE.