Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Revlon Ultra HD Matte LipColor Review + Swatches

Liquid lipsticks - they're everywhere. No longer are formulas found solely at high end counters or within indie brands; slowly but surely they're creeping into more budget friendly and more easily accessible line ups. Although I have been buying into and trying out many different brands' version, first up on the list is Revlon's HD Lipcolor Matte in Seduction, Devotion, Addiction and Love.

The Revlon HD Lipcolor Matte liquid lipsticks retail for £8.99 each

Swatches L-R: Seduction, Devotion, Addiction and Love.

All shades come in what looks like a frosted highlighter pen and with an extra lip-hugging doe foot applicator and the wand itself is a nice, user friendly length. One thing to note about the packaging is after prolonged use finds itself seeping out of tube (cite the photo of Seduction's wand), it's nothing a quick clean can't fix but I think it's noteworthy all the same. All shades that I own have a pretty consistent formula; more or less opaque in one swipe and if you feel the need to layer it doesn't weird. Another thing they all do have in common is I wouldn't quite call them matte; when you think matte liquid lippie, you think mega powder matte, drying your lips into oblivion, whereas these definitely have a more satin finish as opposed to true matte, which is perfectly alright with me, just not quite how they're advertised. They've got a decent wear time on them, and when reapplication comes post meal the creamy formula allows you to quickly blot and reapply and to have things look as good as new, and without any food obstacles the lasting power is great on these, with the sheen slowly but surely fading but not in a bunchy weird way, in a here's an even stain left way.

Revlon's Seduction - a versatile pinky browny nude

Revlon's Devotion - A wearable mid-toned pink

Revlon's Addiction - a not too deep berry purple shade.

Revlon's Love - a bright red erring on the orange.

I own four of the seven current line-up of the collection, but if a deeper red, coral or bright pink sound up your street - Revlon have got you covered. First up, the true nude and my personal favourite, Seduction. This is fantastic shade, not too light nor pink nor brown, just right and what has been my almost daily lip choice for the past couple of months. Next down the list and in more pinky territory is Devotion. Still incredibly wearable but considerably more pink next to Seduction and I think this would work wonders in Spring/Summer. If you're after something slightly more autumnal  then there's Addition. Although a purple/berry shade, it's not too deep in tone, although I must admit it is the shade I've worn the least but is in the running for my next 'night out' lipstick. And finally Love, a bright pillar box red. Not for the faint hearted, the colour itself is a really nice shade and I think it will work on a wide variety of skin tones.

Overall, I give these a thumbs up; no, they're not the most long lasting liquid lipsticks I've tried but they're incredibly comfortable and you won't have to worry about your lipstick crumbling off half way through the day. I would say these are a good daytime option for liquid lipstick lovers and find myself reaching for them several times a week.

I love hearing from you - tell me your liquid lip recommendations down below!

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