Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Tili Box #1 Review

If you've been around these parts for a while you'd know that know that I used to review two beauty box subscriptions a month. In 2013 I was a novice in the beauty world and found beauty box subscriptions a fantastic gateway to new brands and new types of products. But as the months went on, I found those boxes landing on my doorstep less and less exciting and myself rolling my eyes at the contents. As the unused sachets of anti-aging cream and perfume samples piled up, I started to find the beauty box model a bit tired. Most beauty-centric sites offered free samples, often ones you could pick, so why was I spending a tenner a month on a box of them? Fast-forward to 2016, a time where I'm sure the services I used to use have upped their game, I find myself buying into a brand-spanking-new beauty box service, and let me tell you why:

The Tili Box (an acronym for try it, love it) is actually quite a bit different to the types of boxes I previously mentioned. First of all, it's not a subscription service - there's a box every three months and you know all the products inside before commit so if you like the look of what is inside, then go ahead and purchase, but if you don't, you're not obliged to receive and pay for a box of tat. Another point which I think is noteworthy is that it's the creation of QVC - which if you haven't browsed their beauty offerings you're seriously missing out. QVC tend to sell higher end brands so no doubt these boxes will be brimming with higher ends bits and pieces for you to try. I believe this box will be available until around October so you've got time to have a little think, but I thought I'd chat through the contents.

First up, a nail polish from the ever coveted Essie. The shade in every box is 'Ballet Slippers'; a very light pink which will make your hands look more tanned without giving you tippex nails. You could pop on one coat for a translucent wash of colour or pop on two for a more opaque finish. Next we have a fairly decent sample size of Becca's Backlight Priming Filter. I have to admit I'm still a liquid Becca product virgin, but on the skin this uh-maz-ing. I've been toying with the idea of a Shimmering Skin Perfecter but I may just have to scratch that and pick up a full size of this; it doesn't leave the skin glittery at all, just enhanced. Speaking of enhanced skin there's a good few skincare products in this box. Included is a new skincare launch from BareMinerals; a serum which claims to be an all-round skin saviour with a list of claims including anti-aging, replenishing the skin and fighting against the elements. Also inside is a personal favourite - Alpha-H's Liquid Gold. This is a famed chemical exfoliant (sounds scary, promise it isn't) which I have actually seen results with. Not too long ago I finished up my bottle so I'm glad it has rejoined my skincare ranks. The last skincare product is a micellar water from Elemis. I have heard nothing but good things from this Elemis range and I use micellar water every single day. The 50ml helping means you'll get to know the product and it fits into that wonderful blogger cliche, that it's good for travel, so much so I've bookmarked it for a trip I'm taking later in the year. There's also a shampoo and conditioner set from haircare brand Nexxus, a brand I've yet to try. They're from their nutritive range so perfect if you've been particularly mean to your hair and it needs a kiss and a cuddle. The final item is a self tanner from Vita Liberata. Now, personally I'm not a self-tan user (who wants two foundation shades? Not me.) however I've heard from those who do that this formula is top notch and doesn't make you look weird. Because I am such a tanning n00b I'm unsure whether or not 25ml is a good or a bad amount to have but I'm sure it will give you at least one full application and a cute little mitt is thrown in to boot.

Overall I think this box gives a subtle nod to summer without compromising on the quality of the contents whilst maintaining widespread appeal. It's not only quality that has been considered but also the quantity of both products and amounts of product. £20 is incredibly reasonable, especially if you take into consideration the price point most of these brands carry. The products I've tried I've been incredibly happy with and I'm excited to try the ones I haven't. So here's where things have come full circle, I'm gushing over a beauty box all over again and I really am excited for the next edition,  which will be conveniently released before Christmas (sorry for mentioning the C word in August). I think QVC have done a cracking job of resurrecting a beauty trend which I had considered dead and gone.

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