Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Tresemme Perfectly (Un)done Range Review

I've been very fickle with my shampoo for quite a while now, sure I've found a few formulas I've liked and would buy again, but none have really stuck. So when Tresemme (a brand I tended to shun) released this range I was intrigued because it sounded like Tresemme had crawled inside my brain and made it just for me. When it was on offer I bought practically the whole range and thought I'd give it a go.

Let's start with the shampoo and conditioner - I've actually already gone through a bottle or two of each - and it's everything I want and more. The silicone free formula preps my hair beautifully for that effortless and well, undone look I go for. The conditioner doesn't weigh my hair down whilst keeping my hair healthy and I find the shampoo does a great job and cleaning my hair, keeping it clean and giving it some body. Every now and again I do like to use a more nourishing formula to give my hair a little treat, but as an everyday shampoo/conditioner combo - it's fantastic if you're after that effortless mess! I did also delve into a few of the styling products in the range - one that isn't pictured is the root lifting dust. A bunch of brands do these and I must say I think they're all very similar, the packaging on this one has a pointed nozzle which means a more precise application but I find you really have to shake it to get it out, so with that one I think it's down to personal preference. The Sea Salt Spray I really do like, I find it adds texture with prohibiting movement or getting weird and crispy in your hair (I like to apply it to towel dried hair!) but I think the star of the show is the Wave Creating Foam; a mega light mousse-like product when applied to the roots it lifts them and is a subtle backcomber's best friend. Scrunched through the ends of your hair it offers tousled waves which hold their shape minus that dreaded crunch, and I think if you decide to tong your hair, I think this helps hold styles too.

Overall I'm a massive fan of the range irrespective of the budget friendly price point. A lot of higher end brands have products suited to this 'effortless' look but if that's something you're not wanting to splurge on I'd definitely say head down to your local Boots and try these out - in the blink of an eye it will be summer (vom) and this is the perfect summer hair recipe.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

January Favourites!

So the practice month of the year is over and done with, so allow me to implore you to take the stabilisers off of 2016 and just jump the fuck in (whilst watching my Jan faves of course!) You can subscribe to my channel to keep yourself nice and up to date with all my videos - go oooooon!

Tell me your favourite thing about January down below!

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

My January Mixtape

So the long slug through January is over, and here was us thinking that we'd never hear the end of Last Christmas. I suppose January should be a month for new music, but you know me, I love to trawl through old archives and playlists to find those gems which time had forgot, and this month has been no different - so let's break these suckers down.

At the end of last year Tegan & Sara finished recording their new album, and quite frankly I can't bloody wait, and so I've found myself revisiting their most recent release and it's been a great driving album! Speaking of new releases, one I have been listening to and loving is Panic! at the Disco's new album, Death of a Bachelor! Not a single dud on this album, it's so bloody catchy and easy to listen to, if I were to point you towards one album this month, it'd be this one! Now to address the 80s bangers: we're all suckers for a bit of Stock Aitken & Waterman, right? Anyway, Dead or Alive have got some serious tunes; the hoo-ga-chuck-as are so infectious is Hooked on a Feeling that I bet you can't not sing along, and finally, I have a controversial opinion; Africa isn't my favourite Toto song, Hold the Line is, give it a spin, dare to be different. So I've had a couple of road trips this past month, which is where the feel good cheesy and old school emo come together for me, one had me belting out Pop goes Punk and Alexisonfire, the other had me acting as a member of D12 and singing along to Nick Jonas. The final notable mention goes to Drake. I heard this song playing in the background of someone's snapchat and I could not get it out of my head.

So that wraps up January for me, stay tuned for my faves and vlog coming very soon!
Let me know what songs you've been loving in the comments below!