Wednesday, 14 December 2016

My Liquid Lipstick Collection, Swatched! | Alice Thomas

So one afternoon I sat down and swatched every liquid lipstick I own; towards the end, a slightly painful process but one I enjoyed the results of all the same. Watch the fruits of my labour up above and make sure to hit that subscribe button!

Saturday, 5 November 2016

A Big Ol' Haul! (Video)

It's been a few since I uploaded a new video (and remembered to post it on my blog whilst we're pointing fingers) - but never the less here we have one! I tried a new way of uploading and it isn't as high a quality as I normally upload at but I wanted something up so here is said something. I'm really selling it to you, aren't I? Anyway, give it a watch, smash that subscribe button, you know the drill.

Wednesday, 26 October 2016

My Chanel Le Rouge #1 Eye Review

Most post summer, pre Christmas collections tend to be a bit 'meh' in the beauty world. Once big pan bronzers go out of style, it's a waiting game until Christmas for fun and exciting launches. However, Chanel this season, under new creative director Lucia Pica decided that this year was not going to be the case and launched 'Le Rouge #1' which hosts a range of lip, cheek, and my personal favourite... eye products themed around you guessed it, red. Reddish hues on the eyes aren't exactly a new thing, more niche brands such as Kat Von D and Anastacia Beverly Hills have had eye palettes which assume this colour palette for a while and I personally wear red eye shadow on an almost daily basis. However I think it's exciting that a mainstream brand such as Chanel have branched out and created something different! Yes the lipsticks and blush looked nice but I was truly taken with the eye products and picked up one of the cream shadows in 128 Rouge Brule and the quad in 268 Candeur et Experience.

Would you like the good news or the bad news first? The illusion d'ombre is limited edition, so I'd nip down to a counter if you like the look of this one. This Les 4 Ombres however now has a permanent place in their line up and is actually their first all matte quad. This is actually both my first Illusion d'Ombre and Les 4 Ombres so I was an outsider heading into these formulas. The cream shadow's formula sits comfortably in between the harder Paint Pot offering from MAC and the more moussey Tom Ford shadows; it's almost bouncy to the touch and I think similar to ColourPop. With a little lid prep i.e a little primer and powder this stays put and as pigmented as when you applied it, however I found solely on it's own, it does fade throughout the day. Although it does serve well as a base to layer shadows on top of too - so basically great when layered, however you desire to layer it. The reason I was so drawn to this particular shadow is that although it could sit in the copper family, and let's face it there are a bunch of copper cream shadows on the market, this one is such a unique colour and definitely has a more red base as opposed to a gold one. I just think it's unlike anything I've seen or that is in my collection and when I wish to jazz up my typically all matte eye shadow look, I turn to this. Speaking of an all matte ensemble, I was a little dubious about picking up the £40 eyeshadow quad. I'd heard murmurs that the shadows from Chanel didn't live up to the tenner each price tag but with a collection like this, which was pretty much made for me, I thought it was time I tried the shadows out for myself. The formula itself I actually quite like, they're both pigmented and easy to blend, and if a red shadow is difficult to blend you start entering 'punched in the eye' territory , which personally I try to avoid looking like my Friday night ended in fisticuffs - so I'm glad this lets me look like I meant to put it there. I do have a slight gripe with the shade selection if I'm being picky; the red and more tan colour, bloody perfect - you can stay, however I don't think there's enough difference between both the brown shades and would rather a more bone, creamy shade to use as a highlight. Most my palettes which have matte red shades in are on the larger side of things so I do really like this for popping in my make-up bag and if I'm on the go. Is it worth mentioning that they both came with applicators? I'm going to be honest I haven't used them, have no idea where they are (wherever you are, I hope you're happy - sponge tip applicators of the world.) but the cream shadows does apply beautifully with your finger.

Overall, I'm very happy with this collection - it's something different whilst still slotting into 'autumn appropriate'. The products are of a good quality and I find myself reaching for them time and time again. It's a shame the cream shadow isn't being added to the core line but the quad is definitely one to put on the Christmas list (the dreaded C-word - I know). I think Lucia Pica knocked it out of the park with her first collection and I'm excited to see their Christmas launch and fingers crossed Le Rouge #2.

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

August Faves!

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Revlon Ultra HD Matte LipColor Review + Swatches

Liquid lipsticks - they're everywhere. No longer are formulas found solely at high end counters or within indie brands; slowly but surely they're creeping into more budget friendly and more easily accessible line ups. Although I have been buying into and trying out many different brands' version, first up on the list is Revlon's HD Lipcolor Matte in Seduction, Devotion, Addiction and Love.

The Revlon HD Lipcolor Matte liquid lipsticks retail for £8.99 each

Swatches L-R: Seduction, Devotion, Addiction and Love.

All shades come in what looks like a frosted highlighter pen and with an extra lip-hugging doe foot applicator and the wand itself is a nice, user friendly length. One thing to note about the packaging is after prolonged use finds itself seeping out of tube (cite the photo of Seduction's wand), it's nothing a quick clean can't fix but I think it's noteworthy all the same. All shades that I own have a pretty consistent formula; more or less opaque in one swipe and if you feel the need to layer it doesn't weird. Another thing they all do have in common is I wouldn't quite call them matte; when you think matte liquid lippie, you think mega powder matte, drying your lips into oblivion, whereas these definitely have a more satin finish as opposed to true matte, which is perfectly alright with me, just not quite how they're advertised. They've got a decent wear time on them, and when reapplication comes post meal the creamy formula allows you to quickly blot and reapply and to have things look as good as new, and without any food obstacles the lasting power is great on these, with the sheen slowly but surely fading but not in a bunchy weird way, in a here's an even stain left way.

Revlon's Seduction - a versatile pinky browny nude

Revlon's Devotion - A wearable mid-toned pink

Revlon's Addiction - a not too deep berry purple shade.

Revlon's Love - a bright red erring on the orange.

I own four of the seven current line-up of the collection, but if a deeper red, coral or bright pink sound up your street - Revlon have got you covered. First up, the true nude and my personal favourite, Seduction. This is fantastic shade, not too light nor pink nor brown, just right and what has been my almost daily lip choice for the past couple of months. Next down the list and in more pinky territory is Devotion. Still incredibly wearable but considerably more pink next to Seduction and I think this would work wonders in Spring/Summer. If you're after something slightly more autumnal  then there's Addition. Although a purple/berry shade, it's not too deep in tone, although I must admit it is the shade I've worn the least but is in the running for my next 'night out' lipstick. And finally Love, a bright pillar box red. Not for the faint hearted, the colour itself is a really nice shade and I think it will work on a wide variety of skin tones.

Overall, I give these a thumbs up; no, they're not the most long lasting liquid lipsticks I've tried but they're incredibly comfortable and you won't have to worry about your lipstick crumbling off half way through the day. I would say these are a good daytime option for liquid lipstick lovers and find myself reaching for them several times a week.

I love hearing from you - tell me your liquid lip recommendations down below!

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Try on/Collective Haul (Video)

Everybody loves a good haul, right? Riiiiight? Well here is one from yours truly! Let me know if you'd like to see a review on any of the beauty bits featured and you better believe I'm going to ask you to clickity click that subscribe button (plz)

Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Tili Box #1 Review

If you've been around these parts for a while you'd know that know that I used to review two beauty box subscriptions a month. In 2013 I was a novice in the beauty world and found beauty box subscriptions a fantastic gateway to new brands and new types of products. But as the months went on, I found those boxes landing on my doorstep less and less exciting and myself rolling my eyes at the contents. As the unused sachets of anti-aging cream and perfume samples piled up, I started to find the beauty box model a bit tired. Most beauty-centric sites offered free samples, often ones you could pick, so why was I spending a tenner a month on a box of them? Fast-forward to 2016, a time where I'm sure the services I used to use have upped their game, I find myself buying into a brand-spanking-new beauty box service, and let me tell you why:

The Tili Box (an acronym for try it, love it) is actually quite a bit different to the types of boxes I previously mentioned. First of all, it's not a subscription service - there's a box every three months and you know all the products inside before commit so if you like the look of what is inside, then go ahead and purchase, but if you don't, you're not obliged to receive and pay for a box of tat. Another point which I think is noteworthy is that it's the creation of QVC - which if you haven't browsed their beauty offerings you're seriously missing out. QVC tend to sell higher end brands so no doubt these boxes will be brimming with higher ends bits and pieces for you to try. I believe this box will be available until around October so you've got time to have a little think, but I thought I'd chat through the contents.

First up, a nail polish from the ever coveted Essie. The shade in every box is 'Ballet Slippers'; a very light pink which will make your hands look more tanned without giving you tippex nails. You could pop on one coat for a translucent wash of colour or pop on two for a more opaque finish. Next we have a fairly decent sample size of Becca's Backlight Priming Filter. I have to admit I'm still a liquid Becca product virgin, but on the skin this uh-maz-ing. I've been toying with the idea of a Shimmering Skin Perfecter but I may just have to scratch that and pick up a full size of this; it doesn't leave the skin glittery at all, just enhanced. Speaking of enhanced skin there's a good few skincare products in this box. Included is a new skincare launch from BareMinerals; a serum which claims to be an all-round skin saviour with a list of claims including anti-aging, replenishing the skin and fighting against the elements. Also inside is a personal favourite - Alpha-H's Liquid Gold. This is a famed chemical exfoliant (sounds scary, promise it isn't) which I have actually seen results with. Not too long ago I finished up my bottle so I'm glad it has rejoined my skincare ranks. The last skincare product is a micellar water from Elemis. I have heard nothing but good things from this Elemis range and I use micellar water every single day. The 50ml helping means you'll get to know the product and it fits into that wonderful blogger cliche, that it's good for travel, so much so I've bookmarked it for a trip I'm taking later in the year. There's also a shampoo and conditioner set from haircare brand Nexxus, a brand I've yet to try. They're from their nutritive range so perfect if you've been particularly mean to your hair and it needs a kiss and a cuddle. The final item is a self tanner from Vita Liberata. Now, personally I'm not a self-tan user (who wants two foundation shades? Not me.) however I've heard from those who do that this formula is top notch and doesn't make you look weird. Because I am such a tanning n00b I'm unsure whether or not 25ml is a good or a bad amount to have but I'm sure it will give you at least one full application and a cute little mitt is thrown in to boot.

Overall I think this box gives a subtle nod to summer without compromising on the quality of the contents whilst maintaining widespread appeal. It's not only quality that has been considered but also the quantity of both products and amounts of product. £20 is incredibly reasonable, especially if you take into consideration the price point most of these brands carry. The products I've tried I've been incredibly happy with and I'm excited to try the ones I haven't. So here's where things have come full circle, I'm gushing over a beauty box all over again and I really am excited for the next edition,  which will be conveniently released before Christmas (sorry for mentioning the C word in August). I think QVC have done a cracking job of resurrecting a beauty trend which I had considered dead and gone.

Are you subscribed to a beauty box?
Have you tried any of the products included in the box?

Let me know in the comments below!

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Empties #7 (Video)

It's been a while since I rummaged through my rubbish for the internet so here we are - an empties video! As always, I'd love to hear any suggestions for videos you guys might have - leave 'em down below and be sure to subscribe so you don't miss a thing!

Monday, 18 July 2016

June Favourites

We're in the midst of summer!! How did this happen?! Either way, another month, another favourites video! Be sure to subscribe to my channel to keep up to date with all my uploads!

Wednesday, 6 July 2016


I've been abusing this little corner of mine for a little while, actual real life blog posts coming soon, no really.

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

April Favourites! this thing on? HELLO STRANGERS. I've been a little/a lot slack on my website but here's a video, more posts coming soon!

Sunday, 13 March 2016

February Favourites!

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February Mixtape

In those short four weeks of February I managed to wrack up quite a few tracks on my monthly playlist, so let's get into these recommendations!

So there have been three albums which I have had on steady rotation; first up, a hipster weepy in the form of Volume 3 by She & Him; which are a duo I really haven't paid much attention to other than hearing their Christmas songs be churned out once a year, however after a YouTube music clickfest I found myself listening to and loving 'Could've Been Your Girl' and having to listen to the entire album (NB: they also cover Blondie's 'Sunday Girl' which led to several plays of 'Parallel Lines.') If you're in need of some easy listening come an album to get over that windswept and interesting boy, let me point you in the direction of this. The other two are two of my all-time favourite albums; 'Crimson' by Alkaline Trio and 'The Devil and God Are Raging Inside of Me' by Brand New. If you love 00s punk rock like I love 00s punk rock, you've probably hit play on these two albums countless times, but they're still worth a mention. I'm loving Alkaline's singles and the later tracks on Devil and God in particular.

Whilst we're on the music that exuded my teenage angst, after several reminiscent conversations about the CKY movies and my friend revealing she very almost got a heartagram tattoo, I've been indulging in a few old HIM songs. For my new music pick this month, I've been loving Say Anything's new album. Their past couple of records have definitely been more progressive, please don't read 'bad', but I'm pretty sure they were recorded in Max Bemis' house and have that raw, garage band feel. It's an album full of good rock songs that aren't overly produced.

I've been listening to a fair few ladies this month, Wolf Alice are always a band I return to (I've said it before and I'll say it again, White Leather is a treasure of a song which they've taken off of their Spotify and I'm still pissed about it.) but a surprise act I have been listening to is Lana del Rey. Yeah, it's pop music but it's borderline nihilistic and there's just about the songs that she sings and how she sings them that I just really like.

And finally I feel I have to explain just how Elton John ended up on this here playlist. My pal Katie (who is half of the music blog Hide the Line) was listening to it and Spotify so graciously informed me.

What songs have you been listening this month?
Leave your recommendations down below!

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Tresemme Perfectly (Un)done Range Review

I've been very fickle with my shampoo for quite a while now, sure I've found a few formulas I've liked and would buy again, but none have really stuck. So when Tresemme (a brand I tended to shun) released this range I was intrigued because it sounded like Tresemme had crawled inside my brain and made it just for me. When it was on offer I bought practically the whole range and thought I'd give it a go.

Let's start with the shampoo and conditioner - I've actually already gone through a bottle or two of each - and it's everything I want and more. The silicone free formula preps my hair beautifully for that effortless and well, undone look I go for. The conditioner doesn't weigh my hair down whilst keeping my hair healthy and I find the shampoo does a great job and cleaning my hair, keeping it clean and giving it some body. Every now and again I do like to use a more nourishing formula to give my hair a little treat, but as an everyday shampoo/conditioner combo - it's fantastic if you're after that effortless mess! I did also delve into a few of the styling products in the range - one that isn't pictured is the root lifting dust. A bunch of brands do these and I must say I think they're all very similar, the packaging on this one has a pointed nozzle which means a more precise application but I find you really have to shake it to get it out, so with that one I think it's down to personal preference. The Sea Salt Spray I really do like, I find it adds texture with prohibiting movement or getting weird and crispy in your hair (I like to apply it to towel dried hair!) but I think the star of the show is the Wave Creating Foam; a mega light mousse-like product when applied to the roots it lifts them and is a subtle backcomber's best friend. Scrunched through the ends of your hair it offers tousled waves which hold their shape minus that dreaded crunch, and I think if you decide to tong your hair, I think this helps hold styles too.

Overall I'm a massive fan of the range irrespective of the budget friendly price point. A lot of higher end brands have products suited to this 'effortless' look but if that's something you're not wanting to splurge on I'd definitely say head down to your local Boots and try these out - in the blink of an eye it will be summer (vom) and this is the perfect summer hair recipe.

Thursday, 11 February 2016

January Favourites!

So the practice month of the year is over and done with, so allow me to implore you to take the stabilisers off of 2016 and just jump the fuck in (whilst watching my Jan faves of course!) You can subscribe to my channel to keep yourself nice and up to date with all my videos - go oooooon!

Tell me your favourite thing about January down below!

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

My January Mixtape

So the long slug through January is over, and here was us thinking that we'd never hear the end of Last Christmas. I suppose January should be a month for new music, but you know me, I love to trawl through old archives and playlists to find those gems which time had forgot, and this month has been no different - so let's break these suckers down.

At the end of last year Tegan & Sara finished recording their new album, and quite frankly I can't bloody wait, and so I've found myself revisiting their most recent release and it's been a great driving album! Speaking of new releases, one I have been listening to and loving is Panic! at the Disco's new album, Death of a Bachelor! Not a single dud on this album, it's so bloody catchy and easy to listen to, if I were to point you towards one album this month, it'd be this one! Now to address the 80s bangers: we're all suckers for a bit of Stock Aitken & Waterman, right? Anyway, Dead or Alive have got some serious tunes; the hoo-ga-chuck-as are so infectious is Hooked on a Feeling that I bet you can't not sing along, and finally, I have a controversial opinion; Africa isn't my favourite Toto song, Hold the Line is, give it a spin, dare to be different. So I've had a couple of road trips this past month, which is where the feel good cheesy and old school emo come together for me, one had me belting out Pop goes Punk and Alexisonfire, the other had me acting as a member of D12 and singing along to Nick Jonas. The final notable mention goes to Drake. I heard this song playing in the background of someone's snapchat and I could not get it out of my head.

So that wraps up January for me, stay tuned for my faves and vlog coming very soon!
Let me know what songs you've been loving in the comments below!

Friday, 29 January 2016

Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Dry Shampoo Review

I've made quite a habit of stalking the aisles of American Drugstores when I've made it over to the states. One prowling session I picked up something I'd actually forgotten on my trip, a can of dry shampoo, which you have a lot of hair and a fringe like me it is almost a necessity. I almost went for my old faithful, Batiste, but it had a rather steep price tag so opted for the cheaper option in the form of Not Your Mother's Clean Freak Dry Shampoo, and boy am I glad I did, and let me tell you why...

I think the reason this particular dry shampoo works well for me it the consistency - it's not too powdery so doesn't leave a white cast whilst applying and a slightly grey tinge after rubbing it in, nor is it too wet so it doesn't leave your hair sticky - picture a Venn diagram and NYM's sitting slap bang in the middle. It leaves your hair looking exactly how you want it after using dry shampoo, clean and without a trace of the stuff. If you do get a little spray happy, you can get a teeny bit of white cast, but as someone with dark brown hair, I pinky promise that after a bit of tousling and zhuzhing your hair looks clean, and not like you're a ghost in a primary school play. The smell isn't awful, but I wouldn't say it doubles as a hair fragrance either, but it doesn't linger in the hair so it's nothing to worry about. 

Finally, Urban Outfitters have started stocking this dry shampers in the UK, but with a tearjerking price tag of £9, so for us Brits it's a little higher in price than the couple of dollars you pick it up for in the aisles of Walgreens. I do highly recommend this dry shampoo for all your greasy hair needs, and I do think from time to time I'll pick this up in UO when I feel like treating myself, but will continue to scour the nation's pharmacies to see if I can find something which compares, but as of right now NYM, nothing compares 2U.

Tried any Not Your Mother's products?
Have a favourite dry shampoo?

Let me know down in the comments!

Monday, 18 January 2016

2015 Favourites!

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Friday, 1 January 2016

My New Year's Resolutions.

First let me start off by wishing you a happy new year! I hope you rung out 2015 like a champ and nursed yourself back to life on the 1st. I've done a post like this for the past couple of years and I thought I'd jot down some things which I aim to tweak in the months ahead, because here it comes, new year new you and all that jazz. OI WITH THE CLICHES ALREADY - oh wait actually, here's some more:

Eat Vegan
Okay, so I'm going to be doing a whole video on this subject so sit tight for that one but in short this is the biggest thing I'll be changing in my life - shifting from a vegetarian to vegan diet. It's something I've been giving real thought to throughout the entirety of 2015 and it's something I'm not only ready to commit to, but something I truly want to do and will be good for my soul. Well, that got deep quickly.

Be More Selfish
Sounds like an odd'un, but it kind of links to my first point - I spent the whole year not doing something I really wanted to do because I didn't want to inconvenience others, and that's been a running trend throughout the past year for me: I didn't strive for my own happiness amidst my quarter life crisis and so I was unhappy. I'm not someone who has a sunny disposition and I know happiness isn't a constant state, so I want to learn to throw caution to the wind and put myself first from time to time.

Take Care & Focus.
I'm sure this featured last year, but I need to stop being so slapdash with everything, be it my blog, my work, my relationships with people. I'm literally sat here rotating my fleeting attention between three fucking screens whilst I'm tapping this post out, and I know we're all suffering from 21st Century induced ADHD, an age in which we're pressed to give 6 seconds of our time to a video. I want to take time and put real care into the things I decide are worth it, which in turn it will need me to pull my finger out of my ass and focus.

Explore Some More
I've been lucky in my little life to be able to hop on planes and see some really cool corners of the earth but I feel like my travels will never be done. I have a car, I have a passport, truly what is stopping me? Seriously, what is stopping me? Myself, that's what. No more will my days off be spent in bed 'til god knows when, I'm gonna go get myself out there.

I think all of those are realistic right, right?