Saturday, 5 December 2015

My November Mixtape

As the nights have been drawing in, I've been turning my headphones up and hitting repeat on these songs all month long - oh yeah baby, it's monthly playlist time!

Okay, let's address it, I'd be lying if I didn't say that I'd pushed play on Justin Bieber's new album a couple of times, so stop lying to yourself because I know you've given it a listen too. And now for the smoothest transition you've ever seen: 80s Goth. I've still been rocking out to the Donnie Darko soundtrack and if you're listening to Echo & The Bunnymen, you're more than likely going to turn to The Cure - who are one of my all-time faves. Only a quick pitstop in the 90s this month, and I have a quick question for you, what the fuck are Sugar Ray doing in 2015? I wanna know because they are just so damn easy to listen to! So a personal favourite playlist I've been loving over on Apple Music is 'Alternative Hits: 2004' a year in which I was the tender age of 11, but absolutely loving the likes of Sum 41, The Von Bondies and although I didn't like to admit it at the time, The Killers. Apparently I've also been loving a lot of tracks, particularly indie, from 2013 but let's start with the pop outlier. Sorry not sorry I'd written Lady Gaga off as irrelevant in 2013 but upon reflection Do What U Want is a corker of a pop song. Another person I should have given a chance, Lorde! We all remember Royals being overplayed to the max, so I never actually gave Pure Heroine a spin, something this month I have thoroughly regretted, if you avoided the album at the time - I suggest you give it a play because you'd be pleasantly surprised! Someone I did have repeat a couple of years ago were the Arctic Monkeys - the whole of AM is a great album to listen to when you don't really know what to listen to, but I've giving an extra listening to these past couple of weeks. And finally, bringing it bang up to date, a new discovery for me this month are VANT, a band I seriously think you need to watch in 2016 because they're like Foo Fighters meets Lagwagon and I can't get enough.

What've you been listening to this month?
I'd love recommendations so feel free to leave 'em down below!

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