Wednesday, 9 December 2015

My Five Ride or Dies.

Now I must admit, over the summer I have been incredibly slack in regards to actually penning (/typing) out blog posts - it's something about summer lighting that makes me lean towards making videos rather than being old fashioned and writing down my musings. Either way, as we wave goodbye to the sun for another 6 months I thought I would get back into the swing of posts with one about products I repeatedly use, day in, day out, regardless of what new beauty bits I have accumulated. Sure, they're not the most exciting products, but they are true staples which I innately turn to, and I think they need the credit they deserve.

First up, a step no ones misses once they find the perfect pair, eyelash curling. Despite looking like a medieval torture device, they really do a cracking job of opening up your eyes and making your mascara look that much better. I've tried a handful of curlers out, mainly cheaper ones, but once Kevyn walked into my life I truly noticed the difference and haven't looked back. I've heard really good things about Shu Uemura, but honestly I have found no reason to cheat on these. A wee bit of an investment, sure, but I swear to you that you'll be thanking me because they really are worth it.

This is product that keeps on giving. I've had the same tube of this stuff for longer than I'd like to admit. At first I was unsure about it, but after learning to take off most of the product from the (perfectly sized) spoolie, this has been a constant in my brows, regardless of what I'm using to fill them in underneath. There is one universal shade which I think can cater for the majority of brows but it will exclude those on either extreme of the spectrum. One thing to mention is that there definitely is glitter in this formula, it doesn't translate through the brows so don't be scared. This dries down with enough crisp that it does it's job but there's no crunch involved so you can frown to your heart's content. 

Now this fave comes in a whole host of shades so I'm sure you will be able to find this eye base in your skin tone. Painterly is a light, matte flesh tone which leans on the pinkier side of things and although it may not look like it, I have used the absolute crap out of this. I wouldn't say my eyelids are slicker than your average, but without any product on they tend to get a bit on the oily side, and if I'm without an eye base my shadow will crease. Every single day I find myself jamming my finger into this pot (maybe not one for the germaphobes out there?) and swiping this over my mobile lids, an added 15 seconds tops to your morning, but with results which last all day.

I've almost been avoiding writing down my feelings for this liner because they go above and beyond how one person should feel about an inanimate object. I love how this just allows you to get your liner right every single time. With other liners, if I was strapped for time I would begrudgingly skip it, however whilst wielding this pen, in a minute or two my lash line is lacquered up and my feline flick is sharp and jet black. The staying power of this liner is a-maz-ing too, which others I'd see them fade to a weird greeny grey or disintegrate a bit on the wing, not with this babe, no no, this one is bulletproof.

I just had to throw a browny nudey lip into this edit, and although I throw a new floozy into my favourites every month, I always return to my old faithful: MAC's Brave. It goes with almost any look, has a great texture and cracking staying power and I think it's the perfect mix of mauve, brown & nude. I know one day I will finish this lipstick, and I know I have a whole host of other shades which are very similar but rest assured I will march myself down to my nearest MAC counter and repurchase and I think that is testament to my loyalty.

Again, I profusely apologise for my lack of posts, I have a million and one ideas floating around in my head but I know I need to just get tapping them down! WATCH THIS SPACE - and also let me know what your ride or die products are - I'd love to hear from you!!

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