Friday, 6 November 2015

My October Mixtape

So this month I thought I'd try something different. Every month I find myself tacking more and more songs onto the end of my favourites videos so instead of reeling them off I thought I'd pop them all in a nice little playlist for you to have a listen to! So what have I done this month? I've moved house, ended a relationship and embraced the Autumn season, because after all, we're all a little basic, right? I'm unsure whether or not my choices reflect my month all that well, but it's truly what I've been listening to. Yes, that is Craig David.


First up, you need to know that in the coffee shop where I work, we've had a 90s playlist on repeat for the past two months, but it has only just dawned on my that there's no Placebo on it, thus of course Nancy Boy and a personal rediscovery of their Covers album, how could I possibly have forgotten that Daddy Cool cover? Whilst I was in the states I was lucky to catch Beach House live, although I must admit I hadn't heard much of them but now turn to Teen Dream if I'm ever after an easy album to listen to - current favourites? Used To Be and 10 Mile Stereo. Another album I've been revisiting a lot over the past month is The 1975. They've recently released a new single for their upcoming album and I remembered just how much I liked their debut release. Whilst we're on the topic of anticipated albums, Panic! at the Disco have been releasing songs left and right in the lead up to the release of their new album in 2016 - I was lucky to snag a ticket to their London show so expect to see them cropping up for the next couple of months! There are definitely some throwback tracks thrown into this mix, Fill Me In came on the radio and found itself on repeat, I think Black Skinhead sounds so much like Marilyn Manson when I hear it, I always turn to Lest We Forget. Another new release comes from a teen favourite of mine, Joe Jonas. His new band, DNCE, have released a new EP which to me sounds the most JoBro-esque out of the solo releases from the lads, but it's fun, easy listening to shake your hips to. And finally, some perfume ad has a version of INXS' Never Tear Us Apart, which has brought back around my melancholy 80s phase, because we've all had one of those.

What songs have you had on repeat recently?

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