Sunday, 29 November 2015

My Christmas Wishlist 2015

So here it is, Christmas is at our doorstep - personally I'm over here scratching my head as to where 2015 has gone, but that's besides the point 'cause CRIMBO GIFT SETS, AMIRITE? I thought I'd share my personal picks from this season's offerings to give you a little more inspiration or to subtly link to your loved ones.

Okay first up we have two bits from Nars, don't get it twisted, I want the entire Nars x Steven Klein collection, but I'm over here trying to show restraint. First up we have their do-it-all palette, named One Shocking Moment. This palette homes not only 4 blushes but a sizeable Laguna bronzer as well as well as a contouring duo. Their cheek palettes keep getting better and better and I just can't resist. The next Nars set that has caught my eye is an exclusive to their website: a bullet filled with lip goodies, of course. This bad boy takes fancy packaging to the next level, I mean I'm unsure what I would do with the decorative shell but I know I want it, along with the three velvet matte lip pencils it houses. Inside you get a nude, a bright pink and a bright red so you have quite a lot of bases covered. Moving onto another exciting collaboration, move aside Vice 4, this is the limited edition Urban Decay palette is the one I'm cooing over, fronted by the queen that is Gwen Stefani. As much as I enjoy the subtle No Doubt references in the names of the shades, I truly want it because it is such a beautiful edit, and with UD quality? You can't go wrong. I'd be a fool if I didn't pay attention to Chanel's drop, one which has shunned the tradition pillar box red you find in most crimbo collections and has instead decided to commemorate their most famous nail varnish shade and make a collection around it  - Rouge Noir. Needless to say I'm all about slathering the 'is it red? Is it purple? Is it black?' goodness all over my eyelids and lips, and I think this is a refreshingly different take on releases this time of year and I look forward to having my make-up almost match the dark abyss which is my soul. Almost. Probably the most predictable of products on my wishlist, the Soap & Glory omega giftset, this year titled The Whole She-Bang - filth. This garish pink box delivers 9 full sized S&G items into my life every festive season and 2015 will be no different, although I must admit I'm dubious on the tanning product they've included this year, what can I say, I didn't choose the goth life. And finally, for the fun of it I thought I'd chuck one luxury - aka Charlotte Tilbury - bit into the mix. She's got a couple of covetable pieces out this year but my pick is this set of eyeshadow pencils, I rely on the one I own for quick yet fab make-up on a regular basis so I'd see no harm in expanding my collection.

If you can't beat 'em, I suppose you should join 'em and NOTHING gets you in the Christmas spirit like utter excess. Either way I seriously do hope you're having a fab festive season and this helped you along with your Christmas list!

What beauty bit are you hoping to find under your tree?
Let me know in the comments below!

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