Friday, 31 July 2015

What's In My Bag: Travel Edition! (Video)

Hi guys - will be back to normal blog posts soon soon soon - although I've been up to speed with my videos and even filmed this one whilst I was away! Subscribe to my channel to stay up to date on all my antics but I pinky promise we'll be back to regular programming super soon!!

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Venus Palette Review & My Two Cents on Lime Crime

Before I was really into the beauty industry, one of the first brands that spiked my interest and made me realise there is a world outside conventional make-up, was Lime Crime. Many moons ago I saw this brand on Tumblr and almost seriously looked into buying one or two of their lipsticks, and this was before I even dreamt of walking into MAC and spending anything over a fiver on most make-up. Fast-forward to the release of the Venus palette - I felt like my prayers had be answered in the form of this aptly titled 'grunge palette' - it offered me all those weird reddy hues I wanted to blend around my greeny-hazel eyes, you can even read me cooing over it in this wishlist post. For one reason or another I didn't take the plunge and it's a good job I didn't, because as you may well know, Lime Crime suffered a security breach in February this year - thus the tirade of hate Lime Crime have endured these past few months. Now, first up I'm going to review this palette as the objective piece of make-up it is, but if you want to stick around for my thoughts on the recent scandal, stick around until the end.

Shades L-R: Muse, Divine, Rebirth, Icon, Creation, Aura, Shell, Venus

This palette contains 8 shades, with 6 matte and 2 shimmer shades. All shades are warm toned which makes it a particularly great for those with blue/green/hazel eyes. The texture of these shadows is great, with such bright colours, you don't have to worry about them being choppy or hard to blend, they're also nicely pigmented so you don't have to pick up much product on the brush, when swatching you can feel a slight difference in texture shade to shade, but each apply and perform equally. The packaging is a nice size is regards to height and width, but depth wise it could be slimmer for travelling, but it does look nice; is made out of sturdy cardboard with a magnetic closure and a good sized mirror. Enough of the overview, let's break these shades down:

Venus: This is deep orangey red matte shade, I love blowing this out through my my crease, blending it loads and loads with a fairly neutral lid and some serious black liner. I feel this looks scary in the pan but is actually really wearable!

Shell: This shade is one of the shimmer shades in the palette, and is a peachy highlight shade. Upon first look I thought I wouldn't get much use out of this shade, although I think it's great to diffuse the other shades in the palette and looks really nice pressed into the centre of the lid to add a pop of colour and brightness to your look.

Aura: Aura is a lovely light moonstone-esque shimmer shade. Tame enough to use on the cheeks if you wanted, I using this when I'm going for an obnoxious inner corner highlight, certainly not the most original shade in the palette, but this has a really nice iridescence to it.

Creation: This is a really yummy burnt orange matte shade which has a certain MAC Texture about it. For me this is one of those one wash wonders where I like to stick my 217 in and blend under the eye as well as up to the crease and across the lid and shove on a tonne of mascara for that heroin chic meets Olsen twin vibes.

Icon: You'd be mistaken for thinking this shade is your run-of-the-mill deep brown shade, but you'd be wrong. This brown has so much red in it - it's beautiful! Once you really blend it out you can see tiny bits of red glitter which when on the lid you can't see but I think it really adds something to the table which you weren't expecting, this is definitely the shade I am most pleasantly surprised about in the palette!

Rebirth: This is a reddy-coral shade which is super bright! If you were looking for a crease colour to pair with Shell, or a bright pop of red for underneath the eyes - this one's your gal! I must admit, I think this is my least used shade in the palette, and it's because I don't love it, I am just always gravitating towards Venus!

Divine: Divine is the neutral matte crease shade in the palette, but don't be fooled, like the rest of this palette it just has something about it. I think it's got this mauvey characteristic to it which makes it better than any old boring brown.

Muse: The final shade in the palette is a deep, rich burgundy. I turn to this shade if I deepen the colour of my outer corner, add colour to my lower lashline, and although I haven't tested it out, I bet if you used this wet it would make a cracking liner.

Overall, I feel like this palette was made for people like me. I love make-up, like to wear eyeshadows other than brown and have 'alternative tastes'. This palette offers me a host of looks which I absolutely love to rock and other brands don't offer such beautiful, striking, yet wearable shades. It's Revenge era My Chemical Romance, it's Corrine Day's Kate Moss, it's Distillers' Brody Dalle and it's fucking awesome if you ask me. I have a whole drawer full of eyeshadow palettes, but when I use this one, I feel like I'm expressing myself with make-up. If you always wanted to rock that Amy Lee red shadow - buy this palette and just. do. it.

RIGHT NOW ONTO MY THOUGHTS REGARDING HASHTAG BOYCOTT LIMECRIME. So if you've been living under a beauty news rock, you may not be aware that at the beginning of the year hackers worked their magic on Lime Crime's site, leading to a bunch of people's details and then money being stolen - thus some of those in the beauty community creating a movement to boycott Lime Crime. Now, as someone who has been a victim of online bank theft, I won't forget that sick feeling in the pit of my stomach or sheer panic that washed over me, it's bloody awful but alas in 2015 if you are shopping online like the majority of society are, you do run the risk of having your details stolen. So I looked deeper into this story and found some rather damaging things online, mainly to do with the CEO, Doe Deere. There are a myriad of tumblr posts claiming she's a bad businesswoman and all round bitch. In regards to my order, everything went smoothly, the palette arrived in a timely manner, particularly considering it was an international order, and on the whole I had no issue, so I didn't have the need to speak to customer services - and would order again from them because the experience was a painless one. And in regards to Doe Deere, I think people have an issue with her because she used her MySpace fame to create a brand and to make money from it, which not only do I not have a problem with - I applaud! The internet is a funny and magical place, where just about anyone can turn their hobby into how they pay the bills. I have no issue with supporting the content creators I enjoy by buying the products they create or collaborate on - I have a Novem & Knight dress, Real Techniques brushes and a couple YouTubers' books which I wasn't brainwashed into buying, but as an autonomous adult I chose to spend my money not only on things I think I'd like but also to support those I watch week in, week out for free! Another thing which I think is important to note is at least you know who Doe Deere is - something I expressed in my most recent favourites video. There are so many brands which I use regularly and have no idea who I'm handing my money over to, my bet is it's some rich, old, white man. Onto the money side of things, there are two things which I'd like to address. I've seen a bunch of claims that Lime Crime stole the money themselves - which just plain wouldn't happen - you've seen how much damage this has done to the business, right? It would be so fricking dumb to pull a stunt like that and I just don't think it's true, she ain't led on a bed of your dollar bills throwing them up into the air and cackling. Secondly, I've read a story about a girl who had all her money stolen and now can't go to college?  I understand banks in different countries will operate differently, however I found heading into my local branch and reporting the theft I experienced led to the money being back in my account within the same week. You can't believe everything you read on the internet and I didn't like that I felt like I was crossing the picket when wanting to buy some eyeshadow. I don't want to feel like I can't do or wear something because of a media frenzy, and I think if you truly are an ethical shopper, Lime Crime are the least of your worries.

Right, well I'm glad I got that off my chest.

Monday, 20 July 2015

A Boho Updo For A Special Occasion! (Video)

Hey guys, I know my schedule is all over the place at the moment but I'm using this week to get back on track! I popped this video up on my channel at the end of last week, so if you'd like to stay up to date with all my goings on be sure to subscribe!

What's your summer go-to hairdo?
Feeling the plait trend?

Lemme know!

Sunday, 12 July 2015

June Vlog! (Video)


So June is done and dusted so I've stitched together my month in this vlog! So this month I went to a wedding, got my mop chopped, hit the beach and drank too much coffee! Let me know you got up to last month! If you want to see my other videos make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel!

Got any exciting plans for July?

My SPFs of choice!

I'm a pale girl, and I really embrace it. Sure some people look beautiful with a tan, but on me it just looks kind of off, so I let my inner goth take hold even in the summer months and keep myself smothered in SPF. In all seriousness sun damage ain't no joke, and I know that the UK is renowned for poor weather, but it really is heating up so even switching to a foundation or a moisturiser with SPF could pay you back in spades and I'm sure when I'm old and grey I won't want to look like the woman at the end of the Stupid Girls video. With my spiel out of the way, here are some SPFs which come Ali T approved.

A Base With An SPF - Nars' Tinted Moisturiser/Holika Holika Pure Cover BB
I have two base choices for you, at two ends of the price spectrum. Kicking off with Nars, not only is this a good summer base because it has a factor 30 in it, but it's perfect for that lighter summer base people tend to whack out in the summer months. It has a light coverage, leaves a skin like finish and blends in like a dream. It's quick, easy, and protects your skin! Next up, a slightly harder to find, but way cheaper alternative is Holika Holika's Pure Cover BB Cream - this also offers SPF30 but has a heavier coverage but still manages to feel weightless on the skin - this one is an absolute hero find! That all being said, Chanel have recently released a CC Cream with an SPF of 50, and I hear it has pretty decent coverage, although I have not tested it out for myself, if you want heavier coverage and a hefty whack of SPF that could be an option!

A Light Moisturiser - Kiehl's Ultra Light Daily UV Defence.
As it gets hotter I stop relying on my base alone to provide sun protection and introduce this babe into the mix. For an oily girl this is a great option, because as the title suggests the consistency is super light and it doesn't interrupt any make-up you put on top. It's a very simple product, with simple promises which it follows through with and I have no complaints. I've reviewed MAC's Prep & Prime offering before which you can read here, and am tempted to try out Benefit's Dream Screen all the while recently picking up Soap & Glory's Sunshield Superfluid to give a whirl.

The Easy Applicant - Garnier Ambre Soliare Dry Mist SPF50
Last year Garnier came out with a sun cream in an aerosol and I almost lost my shit. Sorry ozone layer, the ease of this was too enticing to ignore, and my theory is if it's a thin enough texture to spray through an aerosol, it'll be a nice texture on the skin, and I was right. You can really go to town whilst spraying it on, and then rub it in, or lightly spray it on for a top up which barely warrants a pat-in. A stroke of genius, if you ask me. One thing I will say is keep it out of direct sunlight, as no one wants a sun cream explosion whilst you're having a relaxing day at the beach.

The Limb Enhancer - La Roche-Posay AntheliosXL Comfort Protective Oil SPF50
If you want a little more than comprehensive cover from your sun screen, never fear this invisible oil from La Roche-Posay is here. Not only does this oil protect your skin, but it also keeps your skin moisturised and leaves your skin looking nice and supple all in one step! I think this is a great early evening top-up as you can flash your limbs and have them looking lovely and not be caught out by those last minute rays.

The Recharge - Hawaiian Tropic After Sun Body Butter in Lime Coolada
After a day of frolicking in the sun, your skin tends to feel a little hot and a little dry, so instead of turning to your standard body butter, why don't you turn to one that doubles up as an after sun too? Shout out to Hawaiian Tropic for not only creating such a thing but also making it lime scented - all the thumbs up from me.

The I Told You So - Biafine Emulsion
So you dropped the ball, you forgot your shoulders, you didn't put enough on your nose or indeed whatever the circumstance may be - you need the sweet release of unburnt skin. Here I present to you Biafine - all round skin miracle worker which helps bring your skin back from the brink of the fiery hell you succumbed it to. A tube of this isn't all that expensive and just something I think you should have in your household.

There's also a few honourable mentions I'd like to make in closing - don't be a dick and forget your lips - LRP do a great lip balm w/ SPF. I also have a bit of an SPF wishlist (I'm being deadly serious) The brand Coola do an SPF make-up setting spray which when I found out existed my mind almost exploded and I wanted to kiss on the mouth whoever came up with that bloody brilliant idea, it's on my shopping list for sure and I may pop it in my bag the next time I hit up Sephora, and last but not least I am in dire need of an eye cream with SPF in, seems like a no brainer to protect that delicate skin under your eyes but actually a lot of brands omit it from their formulations, I hear Kiehl's have a great option so I may be picking that up soon too!

That goth life is a struggle, but I'm dedicated and commited, wbu?

Monday, 6 July 2015

June Faves! (Video)

WHOOPS WHO HAS BEEN A BAD BLOGGER THIS WEEK? YOURS TRULY THAT'S WHO. I'm off on my holibobs this week so have been getting myself all ready and prepped who that so I've been lagging in the blogging department - will you ever forgive me? I hope we can forgive and forget and move past this stronger than ever. Jokes and jests aside - I've popped my June favourites up on the ol' 'tube - it's a long'un but I didn't wanted to chop out all of my personality in this one - so pop the kettle on and get comfy! I hope your June was nothing short of magnificent - stay tuned for my monthly vlog which will be up in a couple of days!