Wednesday, 17 June 2015

My Charity Lipstick Collection!

So this week is Red Lippy Week - something I've blogged about before a couple of times in years gone by; (where is my life going? Here's some of those posts for you here) it's basically an awareness week to get women over the age of 25 to get a cervical screening and to help prevent cervical cancer. This year I thought I'd run through my 'collection' of charity lipsticks - of course I'm using the word collection loosely seeing as I own four, but I see no wrong in urging you to pick up a bit of make-up for a good cause, because that means a nice treat for you and a helping hand for somebody else which in my eyes is a win-win situation all 'round.

Top-Bottom: Topshop Red Lippy, Rimmel Red Nose Red, MAC Viva Glam I, MAC Viva Glam Miley Cyrus

Topshop 'Red Lippy' - £8
Last year, Topshop teamed up with the Red Lippy Project and produced cute little make-up bags and this here lipstick. Now, a quick look on the website doesn't bring up this particular lipstick, although I'm certain the last time I glanced at the make-up stand in store there were some in stock, so I wouldn't lose all hope just yet. In regards to the colour think Ruby Woo, but with a satin finish. It's a bright, blue toned red which will make those teeth of yours glisten in the sun and as satin lipsticks go this one sticks around for quite some time, whilst still being comfortable on the lips. If you see this in your local Topshop I'd say pick it up, because from what I remember a third of the sales goes to the charity.

My most recent charity lipstick purchase came in earlier this year when Rimmel teamed up with Comic Relief for Red Nose Day. Still a classic red, but a shade or two darker than the previous, and is also a satin finish. Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks have a bit of a cult following, and are a line I would recommend at the drugstore. This one is still available and £1.67 goes towards Comic Relief which helps projects both in the UK and in Africa!

Viva Glam is another charity that I've supported on this blog for quite sometime, and I've actually already reviewed this lipstick before. VGI is in the standard lineup at MAC stores and is a deeper, more bloody red than the other two I've mentioned. This lipstick is a matte finish and is great for those days you want to be the reddier side of vampy, and is great all year round, but particularly lovely in autumn. I'll leave my original post linked here for more of my thoughts, but the VG campaign donates every penny you spend - winner winner chicken dinner.

This is MAC's most recent celebrity collaboration for the VG campaign, and also something I've reviewed fully which you can read here. But to touch on the lipstick quickly, it's NOT red (wait what? Shock horror) and I think would be a great summer lipstick. It's an amplified finish - read satin but hella pigmented - and this type of bright, hot pink would work on a wide range of skin tones. It's one for the brave, but I also think it's a lot of fun, and can see me swiping it on my lips a lot more whilst I bask in the summer sun.

If you're in the lipstick buying mood, I would point you in the direction of any/all of the above depending on your budget and preference. Back to the root cause of this post - if you're over 25 go and bloody get a smear test, will you? Also, remember that lipstick smear selfie? That was these guys - and this year they're encouraging you to don your favourite red lip and to #flipyourlips (which quite literally means rotate a picture of your lips 90ยบ to mimic your second pair, clever eh?) and to share it on your social media to spread the word and to jog those memories. I'm not one for faddy internet trends but cervical cancer is completely preventable but can be fatal if it's not caught early enough so I say suck it up and spread the word.

You can donate to the Red Lippy Project here!
What's your favourite red lipstick? Let me know in the comments!

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