Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipsticks Review & Swatches

In the sea of make up brands, very few new brands shoot directly to critical acclaim, unless of course, you're MUA extraordinaire Charlotte bloody Tilbury. With so many covetable products it was hard to pick where to start, the Bronze & Glow? The brushes? The eye pencils? Seeing as I still need to pay my rent each month I'm slowly working my way through the collection and currently am the proud owner of four of the Matte Revolution lipsticks. When I was choosing which shades to get, I wanted to get shades which weren't similar to the ones I already own, I'm also a sucker for a bit of discount, so twice I've taken advantage of the 'desk to disco' duos on the CT website. So, with all that being said I've ended up with Sexy Sienna, Lost Cherry, Amazing Grace and Love Liberty.

The first pair I got were Sexy Sienna and Lost Cherry. Sexy Sienna is on the peachy side of nude, and I think in the bullet you can misconstrue it for a weird 80s coral - but no, it's the perfect 60s peach which Twiggy herself would don. Lost Cherry is a bright pink which is an odd choice for me but it's such a beautiful colour and just has so much more gusto to it than the bog standard baby pink which I tend to shun. These are the pair I've had the longest and I can safely say they'd be perfect for the summer months, with Sexy Sienna tying in with just about any look and Lost Cherry injecting that pop of colour into an outfit.

Last month I went in for round two and picked up my second duo in the form of Amazing Grace and Love Liberty, which both are more traditional 'Alice' colours. My personal favourite and my new everyday lippy is Amazing Grace. It's a reddy, rusty neutral which is incredibly wearable but different and I can't get enough of it. Love Liberty is a darker, more night time/autumnal appropriate shade but if you want to be a little vampy but not too purple, this is a great evening shade.

Colours aside, the formula of lipstick is lovely. It's not as long lasting as a liquid lipstick, sure, but it does stick around for a fair while on the lips, and when I go the extra mile in prepping my lips and blotting (a potential video? Let me know down in the comments if you'd like to see my lipstick routine!) they've held their own through food and drink. I would say after 5 hours you'll need to top up which you can't really complain about. The formula itself is creamy and easy to work with, although the formula is matte, it doesn't dry your lips out or cling weirdly to patches and on the whole is quite nourishing. A quick pitstop on the packaging, the rose gold looks super luxe and is sturdy, and the shape of the bullet means you can carve out a cupid's bow easily enough and make clean lines around your lips.

These lipsticks aren't cheap, and that's why I would recommend buying them in the duos to save your pennies in the long run, but if I were to narrow them down, I'd recommend Amazing Grace for a daily dose of lovely and Lost Cherry because the colour isn't like any other and would look beautiful in the summer. I'm very impressed with these lipsticks and I think as gifts or a wee indulgence they're a great addition to your collection, particularly because the colours available are unlike a lot of colours you can get elsewhere, I'm more than satisfied with my purchase and am inching ever closer to expanding my CT collection.

What's your favourite shade?
Have you tried anything form the Charlotte Tilbury range?

Let me know in the comments!

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