Monday, 1 June 2015

A Clothing Wishlist

For a significant amount of time I've been on the make-up kick using all my spare pennies to try out new products, but as the weather is making a significant change as we head into the summer months I'm looking to expand my wardrobe and so I thought I'd share with you the bits and bobs which are taking my fancy whilst I endlessly trawl the internet for clothes. I've already made two sneaky purchases from Missguided in the form of this faux suede fringed jacket and this stripey dress.
Images used are not my own, but taken from the websites linked below

As I finally succumb and fully embrace my love for monochrome striped clothes, I thought a nice classic blue denim jacket and burgundy/reddy accents will give me an air of 'Parisienne Chic' come 'Americana Flare' I reckon I could rock. What can I say, I have big outfit dreams for my clothes.

So, here's my thought process: I live in my pairs of Vagabond Dioons, and these and the cheaper, sandal alternative. I just think these offer a tights/no tights choice, offer a little, but comfortable height and will go with everything!

If you've watched American Horror Story: Coven, you probably want to let your inner supreme roam - and I am all about those witchy vibes and this dress is just doing it for me. I know this wouldn't be for everyone but there are days I struggle to contain my dark side (yep, I typed that, I'm laughing too) and I just this with dress and a fedora I'd look like a fucking badass.

Again for similar reasons for the first dress, sometimes you just want to dress like Stevie Nicks/ the antagonist in a horror film. It's looking a little short to be wearing on it's own in the blustery UK, so I may have to invest in some crochet shorts and do a Harajuku and rock the over knickers. Yo to the lo.

This forest green would compliment my long brunette locks a treat and I think for those cooler summer evenings this would give me a different option and inject just a smidgen of colour into my wardrobe.

Topshop Binx Jeans
Topshop have released a couple new style of jeans and the ones which have tickled my fancy are the Binx jeans. What is a Binx? Is someone called Binx? I wish I was a fly on the wall when someone decided to name a style of jean Binx, because I don't quite know how you end up at... Binx. Naming issues aside I reckon these could dip my toes into the 'mom' side of jeanswear without me abandoning my skinny jean roots.

I'm sure I'll be caving and picking up a few of these bits later, as well as some item in 'rust' - a colour popping up everywhere that I'm loving, as well as a new pair of shades. When I empty my bank account I'll be sure to let you know in the form of a haul.

Picked up some summer staples?
Any pieces you're loving at the moment?

Let me know in the comments!

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