Sunday, 21 June 2015

My Skincare Routine! (Video)

Eeek, forgot to pop my video up on the blog - make sure you don't miss a video by subscribing to my YouTube channel! This week I thought I'd share my skincare routine and the products I have on regular rotation and how I use them!

What's your holy grail skincare product?
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Wednesday, 17 June 2015

My Charity Lipstick Collection!

So this week is Red Lippy Week - something I've blogged about before a couple of times in years gone by; (where is my life going? Here's some of those posts for you here) it's basically an awareness week to get women over the age of 25 to get a cervical screening and to help prevent cervical cancer. This year I thought I'd run through my 'collection' of charity lipsticks - of course I'm using the word collection loosely seeing as I own four, but I see no wrong in urging you to pick up a bit of make-up for a good cause, because that means a nice treat for you and a helping hand for somebody else which in my eyes is a win-win situation all 'round.

Top-Bottom: Topshop Red Lippy, Rimmel Red Nose Red, MAC Viva Glam I, MAC Viva Glam Miley Cyrus

Topshop 'Red Lippy' - £8
Last year, Topshop teamed up with the Red Lippy Project and produced cute little make-up bags and this here lipstick. Now, a quick look on the website doesn't bring up this particular lipstick, although I'm certain the last time I glanced at the make-up stand in store there were some in stock, so I wouldn't lose all hope just yet. In regards to the colour think Ruby Woo, but with a satin finish. It's a bright, blue toned red which will make those teeth of yours glisten in the sun and as satin lipsticks go this one sticks around for quite some time, whilst still being comfortable on the lips. If you see this in your local Topshop I'd say pick it up, because from what I remember a third of the sales goes to the charity.

My most recent charity lipstick purchase came in earlier this year when Rimmel teamed up with Comic Relief for Red Nose Day. Still a classic red, but a shade or two darker than the previous, and is also a satin finish. Rimmel Kate Moss lipsticks have a bit of a cult following, and are a line I would recommend at the drugstore. This one is still available and £1.67 goes towards Comic Relief which helps projects both in the UK and in Africa!

Viva Glam is another charity that I've supported on this blog for quite sometime, and I've actually already reviewed this lipstick before. VGI is in the standard lineup at MAC stores and is a deeper, more bloody red than the other two I've mentioned. This lipstick is a matte finish and is great for those days you want to be the reddier side of vampy, and is great all year round, but particularly lovely in autumn. I'll leave my original post linked here for more of my thoughts, but the VG campaign donates every penny you spend - winner winner chicken dinner.

This is MAC's most recent celebrity collaboration for the VG campaign, and also something I've reviewed fully which you can read here. But to touch on the lipstick quickly, it's NOT red (wait what? Shock horror) and I think would be a great summer lipstick. It's an amplified finish - read satin but hella pigmented - and this type of bright, hot pink would work on a wide range of skin tones. It's one for the brave, but I also think it's a lot of fun, and can see me swiping it on my lips a lot more whilst I bask in the summer sun.

If you're in the lipstick buying mood, I would point you in the direction of any/all of the above depending on your budget and preference. Back to the root cause of this post - if you're over 25 go and bloody get a smear test, will you? Also, remember that lipstick smear selfie? That was these guys - and this year they're encouraging you to don your favourite red lip and to #flipyourlips (which quite literally means rotate a picture of your lips 90ยบ to mimic your second pair, clever eh?) and to share it on your social media to spread the word and to jog those memories. I'm not one for faddy internet trends but cervical cancer is completely preventable but can be fatal if it's not caught early enough so I say suck it up and spread the word.

You can donate to the Red Lippy Project here!
What's your favourite red lipstick? Let me know in the comments!

Monday, 15 June 2015

Nutri Ninja Review & My Go-To Smoothie Recipe!

So a couple months back, my parents were ever so kind and got me a moving in present, and with an indecisive daughter it took me actually quite a while after I moved in to pick something. (My Nana is still awaiting a gift idea, first world problems, eh?) I wanted to get a smoothie maker, in hopes of jamming in the fruit for a healthier lifestyle and being an all round domestic goddess, and one night whilst I was over my parents' watching QVC (my Mum & I love it, no shame) the special deal of the day was a Nutri Ninja 2-in-1 Blender and Food Processor for around £60 - and it felt as if the stars had aligned. My boyfriend had been making noises about getting a food processor for homemade coleslaw, and I was after a personal sized blender. So after a good chunk of the year using it, I thought I'd let you know how I was getting on with it.

Shout out to the reflection of my washing machine

I have to be honest, I haven't used the processor once, I'm sure if I was baking cakes or wanted to make breadcrumbs it would serve it's purpose, on the homemade coleslaw front, Matt did over-pulse things and made a cabbage goo once, and I'm unsure whether he's attempted it since. What's great about this appliance is that it uses only one power pod, so instead of having a giant food processor taking up loads of precious kitchen cupboard space, it's only the processor jug which needs to be stored, and the power pod lives on the kitchen counter. Now onto the star of the show: the blender. This is one of those blend in the cup jobbies, so if you wanted to create less dishes for yourself, this is great, it comes with two cups and lids so you can take it on the go with you if you wanted. I've personally only used this for smoothies but I know it would be great for things like homemade salad dressings and I bet if you roasted a couple of vegetables and blitzed them in this, you could be making your own soups and heat them up on the hob in minutes. I wanted something like this because I wanted to incorporate more vegan meals into my diet, this blender holds 16floz, and from watching several vegan youtubers, I know that this portion size isn't enough for one meal (although 32floz is) but as a snack or as part of a meal this portion size this is great, and if I had a bigger kitchen I would consider buying a bigger blender from this brand. It does have a couple cons, but they are minor. First off, this thing is LOUD - so for those days I need to be in work for 6:30am, it's not really a viable option unless I really wanted to piss off my docile, sleeping boyfriend. Second, you can't lock it into place to blend, this model is strictly just on pulse, which really isn't a problem considering how powerful it is and the smoothies are ready to drink in less than a minute, maybe even less than 30 seconds, but even still you have to stand there and keep the cup pressed down until your smoothie is at the consistency you desire. Both small, easily bearable things, sure - but things to note all the same. Overall I would recommend this brand and this blender - you can tell this thing is built to last and I have been using it merrily 3ish times a week since I got it and I feel like paying that little bit extra for this will pay you back in the long run, both in quality of product and how long it will last.

Now onto my smoothie recipe! If I had to name this, it would be called the 'All-In' smoothie, because that's quite literally my mantra when it comes to making myself a smoothie, but I thought I'd share with you my usual ingredients!

A handful of frozen summer berries (pictured raspberries, but you can get a summer berry mix in the frozen section of your supermarket!)
2 Bananas
The juice of 1 lime
A sprinkle of chia seeds
A sprinkle of cacao nibs
A couple glugs of coconut water (the more water, the more fluid the smoothie)

I do also usually pop in a couple greens, usually baby spinach, but I didn't have any this day, which is completely the nature of my smoothie making, any extra fruit we have in the house usually goes in too, recently we had kiwis and they worked beautifully. My secret ingredient is definitely the lime, I think a citrus fruit is what upgrades a smoothie from a homemade concoction to a tasty treat. I also think using frozen berries is a great idea for several reasons. Frozen berry punnets are cheaper than fresh, and having frozen makes the smoothie cold without having to water it down with ice. Smoothies are a great way to use up the fresh produce in your fridge if it's on it's way out, I'm not afraid to chuck a carrot or a celery stick in there because I find you can't really taste the greens anyway!

If you're thinking about you're thinking about getting a high-speed blender, I'd recommend this one! It does the job and it does it well, and I think a nice cold smoothie sounds good on a summer's day!

What is your favourite smoothie combination?
Own a juicer? I'm tempted - give me your thoughts!

Saturday, 13 June 2015

Best Friend Tag! (Video)

Hi guys! I thought it was about time I got someone else's face on my channel, and I thought there would be no better candidate than my best bud, Mitch! He's king of the babes and I'm very happy he was a good sport and got involved. If you like Mitch as much as I do, you can find him on more or less any social media @MitchGCole 

If there are any videos you'd like to see from me, be sure to leave a comment down below!

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Make Up For Ever Face & Body Foundation Review

So with the launch of Make Up For Ever in Debenhams, no longer does the British girl have to beg a friend/relative to pick them stuff up when they head on holiday, play colour match roulette on P.A.M or wait until IMATS rolls around. I thought now would be the perfect time to pen down what I thought of my first purchase from the brand, Their Face & Body Foundation.

I picked this bottle of foundation up at IMATS two years ago - it was my first foundation, mainly because I was perpetually scared of peachy fuzz cake face, but as I noticed myself using more and more concealer to give my face an even base, I knew it was time to delve into the foundation world, so I picked MUFE's Face & Body. Not only was there a shade pale enough for me (20 is a perfect shade for me) I wanted something which looked like skin, and this foundation fits that bill perfectly. The consistency is a hard one to nail down, and I think that's to do with the 80% water content, but it glides onto and meshes into your skin wonderfully and it gives even, incredibly natural looking base. The finish again is a natural one; on my oily/combo skin I like to powder it into place and through a working day it can hold it's own and would just need a touch of powder in the centre of my face come lunchtime. I must admit, I haven't tried it on my body, although I'm sure it would add undetectable coverage to mild skin concerns. MUFE aren't known as a cheap brand, but I think the 50ml size is food for thought, as you get almost a double helping of product in comparison to standard foundation sizes.

If you're in the market for a light coverage, reliable, easy daily foundation - I think this is a great pick. It's promises are simple, but this follows through on them and I'm sad to see this one on it's way out.

What's your favourite foundation?
Tried any MUFE products?

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Sunday, 7 June 2015

May Vlog! (Video)


If you're an OG blog reader - you'd remember I used to do Instagram updates, and I thought what other way to bring them back is to tie them in with my monthly vlog! This month I ate a lot of yummy food, unintentionally went to see two jazz bands play, and got myself up to London to catch up with one of my oldest and dearest friends. As I mentioned in my vlog, these past few months I've been lucky to visit quite a few cities around the country, last month I went to Newcastle & Bath, and the month before I started monthly vlogging I was in Cardiff quite a bit and also went to Manchester! I like that I'm making the effort to explore a bit more of my country, I'm always gagging to hop on a plane and visit other places, but these past couple of months I've started to really appreciate the place I live in. I've yet to make any plans to visit anywhere this month, but fingers crossed something will crop up and rest assured I will have my camera at the ready! Let me know what you've been up to this month and subscribe to my YouTube and Instagram to stay up to date!

Watch my last monthly vlog here!

Friday, 5 June 2015

May Favourites! (Video)

My newest viddy talking all about my favourite things this month! Subscribe to my YouTube channel to stay up to date with all my videos!

What have you been loving this month?
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Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution Lipsticks Review & Swatches

In the sea of make up brands, very few new brands shoot directly to critical acclaim, unless of course, you're MUA extraordinaire Charlotte bloody Tilbury. With so many covetable products it was hard to pick where to start, the Bronze & Glow? The brushes? The eye pencils? Seeing as I still need to pay my rent each month I'm slowly working my way through the collection and currently am the proud owner of four of the Matte Revolution lipsticks. When I was choosing which shades to get, I wanted to get shades which weren't similar to the ones I already own, I'm also a sucker for a bit of discount, so twice I've taken advantage of the 'desk to disco' duos on the CT website. So, with all that being said I've ended up with Sexy Sienna, Lost Cherry, Amazing Grace and Love Liberty.

The first pair I got were Sexy Sienna and Lost Cherry. Sexy Sienna is on the peachy side of nude, and I think in the bullet you can misconstrue it for a weird 80s coral - but no, it's the perfect 60s peach which Twiggy herself would don. Lost Cherry is a bright pink which is an odd choice for me but it's such a beautiful colour and just has so much more gusto to it than the bog standard baby pink which I tend to shun. These are the pair I've had the longest and I can safely say they'd be perfect for the summer months, with Sexy Sienna tying in with just about any look and Lost Cherry injecting that pop of colour into an outfit.

Last month I went in for round two and picked up my second duo in the form of Amazing Grace and Love Liberty, which both are more traditional 'Alice' colours. My personal favourite and my new everyday lippy is Amazing Grace. It's a reddy, rusty neutral which is incredibly wearable but different and I can't get enough of it. Love Liberty is a darker, more night time/autumnal appropriate shade but if you want to be a little vampy but not too purple, this is a great evening shade.

Colours aside, the formula of lipstick is lovely. It's not as long lasting as a liquid lipstick, sure, but it does stick around for a fair while on the lips, and when I go the extra mile in prepping my lips and blotting (a potential video? Let me know down in the comments if you'd like to see my lipstick routine!) they've held their own through food and drink. I would say after 5 hours you'll need to top up which you can't really complain about. The formula itself is creamy and easy to work with, although the formula is matte, it doesn't dry your lips out or cling weirdly to patches and on the whole is quite nourishing. A quick pitstop on the packaging, the rose gold looks super luxe and is sturdy, and the shape of the bullet means you can carve out a cupid's bow easily enough and make clean lines around your lips.

These lipsticks aren't cheap, and that's why I would recommend buying them in the duos to save your pennies in the long run, but if I were to narrow them down, I'd recommend Amazing Grace for a daily dose of lovely and Lost Cherry because the colour isn't like any other and would look beautiful in the summer. I'm very impressed with these lipsticks and I think as gifts or a wee indulgence they're a great addition to your collection, particularly because the colours available are unlike a lot of colours you can get elsewhere, I'm more than satisfied with my purchase and am inching ever closer to expanding my CT collection.

What's your favourite shade?
Have you tried anything form the Charlotte Tilbury range?

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Monday, 1 June 2015

A Clothing Wishlist

For a significant amount of time I've been on the make-up kick using all my spare pennies to try out new products, but as the weather is making a significant change as we head into the summer months I'm looking to expand my wardrobe and so I thought I'd share with you the bits and bobs which are taking my fancy whilst I endlessly trawl the internet for clothes. I've already made two sneaky purchases from Missguided in the form of this faux suede fringed jacket and this stripey dress.
Images used are not my own, but taken from the websites linked below

As I finally succumb and fully embrace my love for monochrome striped clothes, I thought a nice classic blue denim jacket and burgundy/reddy accents will give me an air of 'Parisienne Chic' come 'Americana Flare' I reckon I could rock. What can I say, I have big outfit dreams for my clothes.

So, here's my thought process: I live in my pairs of Vagabond Dioons, and these and the cheaper, sandal alternative. I just think these offer a tights/no tights choice, offer a little, but comfortable height and will go with everything!

If you've watched American Horror Story: Coven, you probably want to let your inner supreme roam - and I am all about those witchy vibes and this dress is just doing it for me. I know this wouldn't be for everyone but there are days I struggle to contain my dark side (yep, I typed that, I'm laughing too) and I just this with dress and a fedora I'd look like a fucking badass.

Again for similar reasons for the first dress, sometimes you just want to dress like Stevie Nicks/ the antagonist in a horror film. It's looking a little short to be wearing on it's own in the blustery UK, so I may have to invest in some crochet shorts and do a Harajuku and rock the over knickers. Yo to the lo.

This forest green would compliment my long brunette locks a treat and I think for those cooler summer evenings this would give me a different option and inject just a smidgen of colour into my wardrobe.

Topshop Binx Jeans
Topshop have released a couple new style of jeans and the ones which have tickled my fancy are the Binx jeans. What is a Binx? Is someone called Binx? I wish I was a fly on the wall when someone decided to name a style of jean Binx, because I don't quite know how you end up at... Binx. Naming issues aside I reckon these could dip my toes into the 'mom' side of jeanswear without me abandoning my skinny jean roots.

I'm sure I'll be caving and picking up a few of these bits later, as well as some item in 'rust' - a colour popping up everywhere that I'm loving, as well as a new pair of shades. When I empty my bank account I'll be sure to let you know in the form of a haul.

Picked up some summer staples?
Any pieces you're loving at the moment?

Let me know in the comments!