Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Real Techniques Contour Brush Showdown

Contouring. A technique once reserved for professionals and drag queens has found itself in the daily routines of many. Speaking of techniques, Real Techniques (see what I did there?) - Pixiwoo's famed brush brand keep slowly but surely expanding their brush range and currently has three brushes set aside for the duty of giving dimension to your money maker. I just so happen to own all three (and the vast majority of their brushes, if you were wondering) and I thought some people would be confused as to which would work the best for them so I thought I'd have a little showdown - hold on to your earrings ladies, things are about to get ugly.

Contour Brush - The Beginner's Brush
This brush comes in the core collection, which just so happened to be one of my first reviews on this fair blog. There's several reasons why I think it's the best for beginners, firstly being it comes in a set with 3 others brushes to help start up that brush collection, it's also fairly small and tapered which means it's very forgiving if you happen to be a bit trigger happy but also precise at the same time so you really can have a play around and get a feel for that whole contouring malarkey! Although I now opt to use this for either setting under eye concealer or highlighting (which works wonderfully by the way) I do think it is a good place to start if you want to give the whole contouring thing a go!

Bold Metals - The Precision Brush
This brush is a step up in price, quality and precision so I think this brush is the tool of choice for seasoned shadow shamans. The flat edge means you get a definite line on your face, this brush blends out beautifully but if you're new to contouring you leave yourself open to stripe face, which just ain't cute. However this brush really allows you to carve out a cheekbone so if you're up for the investment and contour regularly I say go for it!

Sculpting Brush - The Cream Brush
This brush is the newest in the contouring line up for RT and I picked up the sculpting set up recently which came with a fan brush and a setting brush - although this brush is also sold separately. When I first saw this brush I saw it as almost an angled buffing foundation brush which led me to pair it with a cream contour product, which it works beautifully with! Although all of RT's brushes are synthetic so work well with both creams and powders, I find the densness of the bristles really helps you work a cream product into the skin and meshes it to make it look the most natural, in my opinion. It is the least precise of the brushes but I think that lends itself to the more natural look a cream contour can give you anyway so if you're a cream product lover I think this would be great!! One thing I will say this is the first RT brush of mine which actively sheds, unsure whether or not it just happens to be mine or not, but I wouldn't be staying true if I didn't mention it!

So a brush for every cheekbone out there, I think all these brushes do a cracking job, I just think it all depends what you're after! If I'd have to pick only one, I think I'd opt for the Bold Metals offering because I've been contouring for a fair while now and usually use powders (although I've been having a bit of a love affair with my Illamasqua Hollow cream pigment of late!) But I would recommend every one of these brushes and Real Tech in general!!

Do you have a favourite contouring brush?
What's your favourite product to contour with?!

Let me know in the comments!!

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