Monday, 11 May 2015

HD Brows: A Retrospect.

If you had asked me when I started this blog what my #1 brow product was without a waver in my voice I would say the HD Brows palette. I've used up a whole palette before but since then there has been a tremendous influx of brow products at a wide range of price points, and I've dabbled in a whole host of them. I have never written down what I thought of the palette and struggling to find other brow products in my stash the other day,  I turned to my old faithful.

A few years back brows were big and not necessarily natural looking, however now while I think the majority of the Western world are aware of just how important brows can be to the face I think people (including myself) are after full, but natural looking brows. My old method of and brushing broadly through my brows with the product looks both powdery and blocky, and attempting a method of drawing individual hairs leads to fallout and not enough pigment to stand as hair-like and the brush included isn't thin enough to be conceived as hair-like either. I think if you're blessed with nigh on perfect brows and just need to fill in a bit in the middle, I reckon this will work just fine. If you're needing to add a little more than just the odd touch up, I think you'd struggle to pawn your brows off as au natural.

Maybe not the kindest words to say about an old friend, but what can I say? Trends change, opinions change. I'm a girl with simple pleasures, and my brows being en fleek is one of them, and I just don't think this is up to par. I do know since I dabbled in HD Brows products they've repackaged their stuff and maybe a better formula and maybe a better brush? Sure these guys were pioneers for the mainstream brow game, but now many other brands are up to speed and killing it in the brow palette/powder area. My current weapon of choice is Illamasqua's Brow Cake in Thunder with a tiny bit of Eyeko's brow gel. I'm not going to be throwing this away, because I'm a sentimental hoarder like that, this was one of the first beauty products which spurred on my obsession, but I can't see it being reintroduced to the daily rotation any time soon, and just maybe, ever.

You must have a product like this lying around, and I'd love to hear about it!
Also other brow recommendations are welcome below!

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