Sunday, 26 April 2015

Max Factor Excess Shimmer Review & Swatches

I feel myself getting more and more adventurous with my daily make-up - particularly in the eye and lip department, and I think a way to get maximum impact with minimum effort in the morning regarding eyes is a good cream eyeshadow. These can be used on their own or as a base to layer with powder shadows to create an even more dramatic look. At the end of last year Max Factor released a new line of cream shadows and I've got three of the shades and wanted to share my two cents:

Max Factor Excess Shimmer's retail for £7.99

Top - Copper, Bottom Left - Onyx, Bottom Right - Bronze

A look created with all three shades!
With this formula, you need to think less cream like the MAC Paint Pots or Maybelline Colour Tattoos, but more of a light, moussey texture. This type of formula lets you cover the lid more easily because the product glides right over. These shadows are also smooth and not blotchy at all so the pigmentation and consistency really lend themselves to each other and make for a really great shadow. You only need to pick up the smallest amount of product on your finger/brush to cover both eyes and I think this product works well with both fingers and brushes because the texture helps the product blend so well. Also side note on the name as I feel it may be a bit misleading, sure these shadows are far from matte, and do contain their fair share of glitter, but the name makes me think Christmas card glitter but that isn't this, it's far more classy, if shimmery eyeshadows can be classy... But enough of what I think of the shadows as a whole, let me walk you through each shade I currently have:

Copper: I wouldn't personally call this shade copper, but I do think it is a nice shade all the same. On my complexion it meshes in quite well and leaves a veil of glittery sheen so this for me is a great option if I want a more natural lid (like glitter can be natural...) or want to team it with some serious liquid liner.

Bronze: A shade with a more appropriate name, this is a fantastic rusty brown shade which makes for a great one stop Olsen-esque smokey eye and the first shade which kicked off my little collection. I think with a colour like this in your collection, it's deep enough to make a statement but it's still a neutral colour so I think it's a great gateway into more adventurous colours on your eyes. I've worn this with a nude lip colour during the day and added a bit of black kohl and MAC's Rebel for an evening look. If I were to recommend one shade, it'd be this one.

Onyx: I don't know whether I'd wear this shade fully built up on it's own, but sheered out a little bit I'd merrily wear this shade on it's own, although I know that won't be to everybody's tastes. I think where this shade will really work is when it's used as a base to make other shadows stand out or blended into other shades (which, by the way these cream shadows blend beautifully together) to intensify the lashline. 

These definitely get a great write up from me, and the line also hosts some pastel colours which would be great for Spring. I'd love to see Max Factor expand this range with a greige taupe, a deep burgundy and maybe even a navy blue because this formula really lends itself to bold colours and they are a dream to use!

What's your current favourite eyeshadow?
Have a favourite shade?

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