Sunday, 15 February 2015

My Two Cents On The Konjac Sponge

A few months ago beauty bloggers last and right were tossing their muslin cloths and Clarisonics to the wayside in favour on a new Asian beauty trend - the konjac sponge. Marketing itself as an all natural sponge which gently exfoliates and you can use with or without your cleanser, it sounded like a great little addition to your beauty regime, and as someone who has been interested in the Foreo Luna Mini - I thought chucking this in my basket on Cult Beauty would help me see whether or not I would actually use something like it without dropping a hundy to find out, so here's what I think:

I opted for the konjac sponge infused with bamboo charcoal, which is suited best for oily/combo skin types like mine, and when I took it out of the packet I was surprised to feel that it was sort of wet and squidgy before even popping it under the tap, after rinsing it and squeezing out the excess (not ringing so it doesn't tear) I first of all tried it on my skin without any cleanser, and it did remove some, but not all of my make-up. I find when using this with a cleanser (balm cleansers work particularly well) I massage the cleanser into my face first, and then using the dampened konjac sponge to work the product on and take it off. If you're someone like me who manages to get not only your forearms but your entire bathroom floor wet when rinsing off during a wet cleanse, you will find these incredibly helpful. Sad but true, the mess I made in the bathroom is what used to always deter me from wet cleansing, but this helps me to take off my cleanser without looking like I powerbombed into a swimming pool. This sponge leaves my skin feeling clean but soft at the same time. I tend to just use a wet cleanser at night, however I have even taken to using the konjac sponge with no cleanser on in the morning to wake myself up and take off that layer of grime which accumulates over night miraculously. If you leave it to dry and don't use it for a couple of days, it becomes quite hard, but if you leave it under the tap for a little bit it's as good as new! Unfortunately you can't keep hold of these forever but if you look after it well, you can keep them for a good couple of months, meaning their cost per month really isn't that steep!

Overall, my experience with the konjac has been a good one, I actually use it on a regular basis and I'm wet cleansing a lot more than ever! The next time I place an order with Cult Beauty I'm going to pick up another one, so I think a repurchase is a good sign! Although this product may seem a little faddy, I assure you it is a good little investment in your skin, and I even think if I end up splashing out on a Foreo, I'll have one of these standing by!

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