Thursday, 4 December 2014

What's On My Charm Bracelet?

Last year I was ever such a lucky girl come Christmas time because my good pal and co-creator of this blog, Emma, gave me something I'd been harping on about for some years - a Thomas Sabo charm bracelet. She really should give herself a pat on the back as she's set herself and my other loved ones up for presents for life - you clever clogs you! I thought I'd share the charms I've accumulated over the past year and suggest this as a great gift for the ladies in your life, you could clobber together with your friends/siblings and get this and a charm or two for somebody special this festive season or even pop one of these pretty little (and highly customisable) things on your wristlist.

Statue of Liberty - £25.95
I'm going in chronological order here, last year along with the bracelet itself the lovely Emma gave me this Statue of Liberty charm. Knowing me well and my passion for travelling she got me this little French lady to adorn my wrist. And although I got this two years after my first trip to NYC, it makes me think of that city's streets, great galleries and those bright lights.

Skull - £29.95
Same crimbo, my boyfriend cottoned on to the genius that was this bracelet and also bought me a charm. I am proud of my emo roots, and this little fella will work perfectly with my Alexander McQueen ring. I really enjoy the attention to detail on these charms, this guy has a full set of teeth!

Eiffel Tower - £21.95
At the beginning of the year I decided to treat myself to a charm, and whilst missing another one of my favourite cities, Paris, I decided on the Tour Eiffel (fun fact time - Monsieur Eiffel designed the innards of the Statue of Liberty - both of which are on my wrist!) This charm was a lot cheaper than making a trip across the Channel, and there's something about the Eiffel Tower's aesthetic that I just like, you know?

Aircraft - £21.95
Are you sensing a theme here? I decided for Emma's 21st to repay the favour and when ordering her charm online (I bought myself the same one, you'll hear about it in a sec) I realised I was a tenner away from free shipping so I threw caution to the wind and picked myself out an aeroplane! I've always thought about getting an aeroplane tattoo, but until then here's something a little less permanent.

Slot Machine - £60
For my birthday, my two Vegas babes - Emma & Athena - came together and got me a very fitting slot machine before our Vegas trip. On the back it has a horseshoe and says 'Good Luck' which I think is my favourite bit!

Pug - £50
Matt knows just how much I'd love a pug, I just crave that unconditional furry love, and being the responsible adult that he is, instead of getting me the real deal he got my own mini silver one. Name suggestions are more than welcome below, and I must say if I had to pick a favourite, I think this guy might be the front runner!

Last but not least, when I was in Vegas I stumbled across one of the TS stores there and thought it was only fitting to pick up the iconic LV Sign (if you're wondering, this is the one I gave Emma too!) To date, this is my only coloured one but I really like it and think that it's really well done! I think me globetrotting picking up charms may well turn into a tradition!

So, that was my whistle-stop tour around my charm bracelet! I thought I'd include a few that I have my eye on. The recent 'Around the World' collection has definitely caught my eye, with The Globe, The Bradenburg Gate and English landmarks like Big Ben duly noted, I think I may just have to invest. The Turkish Eye and Lipstick are fun coloured ones, but I also like the more simple ones like the Anchor, Horseshoe and even a little Leo - with 629 choices available online - I'm positive you'll find one for just about anyone!

What's on your wishlist?
Which charm is your fave?
Let me know down in the comments!

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