Wednesday, 31 December 2014

The Lorac Pro Palette Review/Swatches

If you're a follower of my YouTube channel - you'll be fully aware I went to Las Vegas this summer and gleefully brought back the Lorac Pro back with my to ol' Blighty's shores. It's featured in favourites and I've used it in a few tutorials too and I thought before you doll yourself up to see 2014 through, I'd tell you all about this fab palette which you could whip out for tonight's big party.

L-R: Lt Pink, Taupe, Cream, White

L-R: Lt Bronze, Gold, Champagne, Nude

L-R: Black, Espresso, Sable, Mauve

L-R: Slate, Deep Purple, Garnet, Pewter

Let's start with the facts, this palette contains 16 shadows with shimmers and mattes in equal measure, and although leaning on the warmer side of things, it's range of shades makes it an incredibly versatile palette. The packaging is a sturdy cardboard, it's sleek, slim, and magnetic thus great to travel with and it's also that matte black which is reminiscent of Nars. When I tend to give the low down of a palette, I usually run through all the colours and give a little description of each shade, however seeing as Lorac's shade names are pretty self explanatory I thought I'd shine a light on my three personal faves. First up, the showstopper in this palette - Garnet. Garnet is a unique one, which works so well on pale eyes I can't even. I'm blessed with hazel peepers and this colour helps that green shine on through and chuck my deuces up at whoever refers to them as brown (it's a touchy subject...) but seriously, this is a fantastic shade which you could wash over the lid for a spiced up daytime look, or you could pack it on for one serious jawdropper - this shadow is a very good reason not to be afraid of reds. Another great shimmer shade is Gold. It's not a bright, yellow-based gold but a more antiqued gold. The reason I had to include this in the top three is because it could be featured in such an amount of looks I couldn't leave it out! It's such a pretty, dependable shade which I guarantee you'll be dipping your 217 in time and time again. And last, but certainly not least is Mauve. I had to include this matte shade because I think most would look over it's brilliance. Please don't get me wrong, Taupe is a fantastic crease shade, but please let me direct you to Mauve and hear me out, the shade is perfect to blow out a crease and the tone is so cool it makes an eye look just that much more interesting when paired with something simple like Cream and a feline flick. I also think it's a great pairing with a brown-toned nude which is bang on trend!

This palette is coveted for a reason, and is perfect for almost any occasion, like, say... New Year's Eve? You can rock a demure matte, a bright shimmery or a seriously smokey look, all of which are easily obtainable from this here palette. The texture of these shadows is out of this world, the blend like a dream and stick around on the lid too. This is a palette I would recommend time and time again for the girl who is a make-up junkie or the girl who wants one do-it-all palette, look no further because I think with this one you're onto a winner. Also, a side note - this palette is cheaper than a Naked palette, which is food for thought.

Whatever you're doing to kick off 2015 - have a great time and stay safe!

Which shade is your favourite?
Have a favourite palette from 2014?

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