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Soap & Glory 'The Next Big Thing' Gift Set Review

I know some peoples who begin to get those Christmas feels mid September, however for a Scrooge like me, the Christmas season starts when Soap & Glory's big hamper is better than half price, which is roughly two weeks before the big event. Yesterday, I sprung into action, grabbed the handle of this baby, marched straight up to the counter and claimed my crimbo prize (along with yet another box of Sudafed, tis the season...) until next Thursday this pup is £29 which includes 10 full size products, a rather jazzy box and a simple pink drawstring bag, now onto the products...

S&G added a new scent family to their range this year in the form of the orangey goodness. From sniffing alone I still think the Sugar Crush scent is my favourite from them, but I know this will be a nice zingy treat to have in the shower!

A classic product, with a pump for easy dispensing - Butter Yourself is a nice lotion with a formula which sinks into the skin fairly quickly. This hefty bottle will last you a very long time and I'm tempted to keep this by my bed so I remember to moisturise my weather-beaten skin during the colder months.

Speaking of moisturising, The Righteous Butter is a cult product from the brand and one I like to slather on after a nice bath and let it really sink in. This tub of babe has that signature S&G scent, it's sweet and feminine but not sickly or overbearing and is a fantastic addition to your bodycare regime.

As I mentioned earlier, the Sugar Crush family is my fave, and this scrub smells phenomenal. I love using a scrub in the shower, and I particularly like this one because it really gets the job the done all the while making my shower smell like a lime sugary cocktail - delicious!

Now this product is completely new to me, and as I am yet to try it I'm unsure whether you use this in place of a shower gel, or whether it's a Nivea in-shower body moisturiser type deal. I'm kind of hoping it's the latter because I am head over heels with in-shower moisturisers because sometimes, a girl just hasn't got time, ya know? Will report back on this one!

Now back to the products I have used, this was recently featured in one of my favourites videos because it simply does what it says on the tin. This is a really nice foot cream which is light in texture but makes a difference to those trotters of yours. I like putting an absolute tonne on my feet and then sleeping with socks on to let it all soak in.

S&G are in the midst of a bit of a re-brand, still the same iconic pink packaging but slightly more sophisticated, and although Hand Food is available to purchase, upon swatch and sniff I can't see too much of a difference between the two, so possibly my old faithful Hand Food might be getting phased out. Either way this is a nice little hand cream and because of the slender tube, it wouldn't be a pain in the ass to travel with either!

I'm not a big user of facewipes, in fact the only time I have ever really turned to them is either on a plane or actually on my hollibobs. I will hold onto these, who knows the might join me on my trip across the pond next year, I suppose they are just one of those things which are good to have in your stash!

I've used up a quite a few tubes of this mascara and I must say I'm never disappointed! I'm actually rather a big fan of Soap & Glory make-up and I always think you can never go wrong with a good tube of mascara! This one comes with a rather sizeable wand and you can really build from the roots!

In previous years, a lip gloss has always been included in the set, and as a girl who isn't crazy on lip gloss it was always something which just ended up sitting in my stash, however this year they decided to include still a lip product, but this time a lip lacquer, ooh fancy! I did wear it for the first time today and I thought it was very reminiscent of the Rimmel Apocolips, except maybe a smidgen more sticky? This particular shade - a universal inoffensive pink - I think looks best blotted down a bit but otherwise is a really nice shade!

Let's break this down price-wise: For this week only in Boots this babe is £29 which if you even exclude the decorative box/bag - that's £2.90 a product and if all of this was sold separately it would be over £75 - wowzers. It is an absolute steal of a set and after four years of it is seriously a no brainer to pick this up every festive season. The products vary slightly each year so it is always fun to see what they will include each year and it's now become a bit of a tradition for me! It's already sold out online so I would suggest either nipping to a big flagship store which would get lots of deliveries or a quiet neighbourhood store which is usually frequented for prescriptions. If you want to compare it to last year's offering - The Yule Monty - it is £2 more, however there is an extra production this year's, and I would happily pay £2 for another full sized product! This is great either as a gift as it is, split up into little stocking fillers or a gift from you to you. Soap & Glory for me are that perfect blend of quality and value all year round for me, so this is a deal I can never pass up! Once it's gone, it's gone so I'd pop to the nearest Boots ASAP if I were you!

What's your favourite Soap & Glory product?
Found yourself another Christmas bargain?

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