Saturday, 29 November 2014

NARS Digital World Lip Pencil Coffret First Impressions


Swatches L-R: Torres del Paine, Descanso, Yu, Iberico, Cruella

I think across the blogosphere there's a common consensus that Nars have dropped the best Christmas collection of the lot this year - and as mentioned in my wishlist post I couldn't even wait to get my hands on this very intriguing offer so snapped this up after quite a few longing glances on the Space NK website - so after a couple of weeks in my company - here's what I think:

Now it's worth mentioning that I have a full size one of these beauties (Red Square, to be exact) and it's cropped up in a couple favourites vids, so I already knew that I got on with the Velvet Matte formula (which in this set is Cruella and Iberico) however a newbie to the satin finish I was a little sceptical about it's longevity but those worries were unfounded because this formula is just as long lasting. I put the shade 'Yu' on for a busy Saturday including eating and drinking and 6 hours and zero top ups later it was still there as bold as anything and perfectly even. Speaking of the shades let me break those 5 shades down for ya -

First up the velvet mattes - Cruella is a deep, dark red which is perfect for A/W and would look great paired with your favourite all black ensemble. The other VM offering comes in the form of Iberico - a seriously bright orange which I totally see myself making day appropriate by pairing it with a plain white T and messy hair. In the satin lip pencil corner keeping with the bold shades we have Yu - a bright pink which Barbie herself would be proud of, this formula adds a hint of sheen to the lips but in no way is a gloss stick. There are two more wearable shades in this set, the first being Descanso, that browny nude shade gals have been going wild for the latter end of 2014 and I can see this being a great no mirror daily lip shade for me, and lastly there's Torres del Paine - a nice coral shade. Out of all of them I think this is the one I'm reaching for the least right now (at least until summer, anyway) but I think smudged into the lip as a stain it could really perk your face up!

Talking size vs price this is a serious steal. These pencils are 3/4 sizes, so you get just shy of four pencils for the price of less than two and after having my full size Red Square for around the 6 month and omitting the need to sharpen, I can see these guys lasting a good amount of time. Seeing as this is a gift set (a gift from me to me, am I right?) I thought I'd touch on what these pencils of lovely are housed in. Sure, the beautiful display box is white and red - but as Nars is forever the classy one and this box is something that you'd easily see crop up in Muji. I'm going to keep hold of this and definitely find something to keep in this - jewellery, stationary, the possibilities are endless!

Overall I can't sing this wee set's praises enough - and I think it would be perfect to give or receive or in my case, buy yourself!

Have you been cooing over the Nars Christmas drop?
Which shade is your favourite?

Let me know down in the comments!!

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