Sunday, 16 November 2014

Artsy Friends in Falmouth! (Vlog) / Sunday Evening Natter

I'm totally copping out on my weekly 'lifestyle' post as I'm putting the vlog I uploaded last week up on my blog, but instead of just posting the vlog (which by the way if you subscribed to my YouTube channel you'd see as soon as my vids go up AND it would make me a very happy lady indeed) but I thought I'd have a little chat whilst I'm at it. I think this schedule malarky is working out for me overall, I just need to work my own little kinks out and be a bit more organised - I've been promising myself a desk and I'm pinning my hopes on that helping. I'm also wondering what you guys would like to see from my Sunday posts/vlogs - obviously if I vlog I post that but I'm honestly game for anything - outfit posts, book reviews, and general things which are playing on my mind - suggestions are more than welcome. I never like the phrase 'how-to' because you know, you do you and all that, but I do like how my 'How I' videos turned out and I have a few more ideas for those which will be on their way.

So here I am of a Sunday evening, rediscovering my love for Ratatat, contemplating giving Gone Girl a real stab and having some srs lols over this video - tell me what you're up to because I'd love to know! A more substantial post next week, promise!

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