Sunday, 30 November 2014

Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside


As December closes in on us, I thought I'd share what's been going on with me this past month! So I started a new schedule, which I will be the first to admit has been a bit rocky - maybe I shouldn't have tried to commit to such a thing right before my work's busiest period of the year, but I know that's all excuses so please hold me to content every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday!! Other than that I've been busy heading to Falmouth which I vlogged, heading to the Aquarium with my best pal Mitch - he's blogs e'rry single day and I would highly recommend you going and having a read AND I've booked my flights to NJ so come January expect a butt load of vlogs! England has gotten extremely cold over the past couple of weeks and I just don't think I'm okay with it, you know? Winter is most definitely upon us and am trying to embrace my brisk walks to work - any albums I should check out on my walk are certainly welcome down below. It's also currently cold/flu season and the past couple of days I have succumb to illness and am keeping my fingers crossed it clears up quick sharp because I bloody hate being ill.

Well, that was a whole lorra complaining, hopefully next month will be more jolly post Christmas and looking forward to 2015. Gulp.

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You lads buzzing for crimbo season - lemme know bout'chu down below!

Saturday, 29 November 2014

NARS Digital World Lip Pencil Coffret First Impressions


Swatches L-R: Torres del Paine, Descanso, Yu, Iberico, Cruella

I think across the blogosphere there's a common consensus that Nars have dropped the best Christmas collection of the lot this year - and as mentioned in my wishlist post I couldn't even wait to get my hands on this very intriguing offer so snapped this up after quite a few longing glances on the Space NK website - so after a couple of weeks in my company - here's what I think:

Now it's worth mentioning that I have a full size one of these beauties (Red Square, to be exact) and it's cropped up in a couple favourites vids, so I already knew that I got on with the Velvet Matte formula (which in this set is Cruella and Iberico) however a newbie to the satin finish I was a little sceptical about it's longevity but those worries were unfounded because this formula is just as long lasting. I put the shade 'Yu' on for a busy Saturday including eating and drinking and 6 hours and zero top ups later it was still there as bold as anything and perfectly even. Speaking of the shades let me break those 5 shades down for ya -

First up the velvet mattes - Cruella is a deep, dark red which is perfect for A/W and would look great paired with your favourite all black ensemble. The other VM offering comes in the form of Iberico - a seriously bright orange which I totally see myself making day appropriate by pairing it with a plain white T and messy hair. In the satin lip pencil corner keeping with the bold shades we have Yu - a bright pink which Barbie herself would be proud of, this formula adds a hint of sheen to the lips but in no way is a gloss stick. There are two more wearable shades in this set, the first being Descanso, that browny nude shade gals have been going wild for the latter end of 2014 and I can see this being a great no mirror daily lip shade for me, and lastly there's Torres del Paine - a nice coral shade. Out of all of them I think this is the one I'm reaching for the least right now (at least until summer, anyway) but I think smudged into the lip as a stain it could really perk your face up!

Talking size vs price this is a serious steal. These pencils are 3/4 sizes, so you get just shy of four pencils for the price of less than two and after having my full size Red Square for around the 6 month and omitting the need to sharpen, I can see these guys lasting a good amount of time. Seeing as this is a gift set (a gift from me to me, am I right?) I thought I'd touch on what these pencils of lovely are housed in. Sure, the beautiful display box is white and red - but as Nars is forever the classy one and this box is something that you'd easily see crop up in Muji. I'm going to keep hold of this and definitely find something to keep in this - jewellery, stationary, the possibilities are endless!

Overall I can't sing this wee set's praises enough - and I think it would be perfect to give or receive or in my case, buy yourself!

Have you been cooing over the Nars Christmas drop?
Which shade is your favourite?

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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Artsy Friends in Falmouth! (Vlog) / Sunday Evening Natter

I'm totally copping out on my weekly 'lifestyle' post as I'm putting the vlog I uploaded last week up on my blog, but instead of just posting the vlog (which by the way if you subscribed to my YouTube channel you'd see as soon as my vids go up AND it would make me a very happy lady indeed) but I thought I'd have a little chat whilst I'm at it. I think this schedule malarky is working out for me overall, I just need to work my own little kinks out and be a bit more organised - I've been promising myself a desk and I'm pinning my hopes on that helping. I'm also wondering what you guys would like to see from my Sunday posts/vlogs - obviously if I vlog I post that but I'm honestly game for anything - outfit posts, book reviews, and general things which are playing on my mind - suggestions are more than welcome. I never like the phrase 'how-to' because you know, you do you and all that, but I do like how my 'How I' videos turned out and I have a few more ideas for those which will be on their way.

So here I am of a Sunday evening, rediscovering my love for Ratatat, contemplating giving Gone Girl a real stab and having some srs lols over this video - tell me what you're up to because I'd love to know! A more substantial post next week, promise!

Thursday, 13 November 2014

A Pre-Christmas Wishlist?

I am firmly one of those who believes December is the time to be looking forward to Christmas - sure I'm a bit of a humbug - but I've realised that with the Christmas market being erected in the city centre and tinsel rearing it's shiny obnoxious head that I will be pressed to find a Christmasless corner in the next two months so I thought hey, if you can't beat them join them. And no one knows how to celebrate the festive season better than the beauty industry! I love myself a good palette or gift set and Christmas is the perfect time to but your hands on either. So I've complied a list of the ones I'm most excited about and if you're a scrooge like me this may perk you up a little!

Top L-R: Aesop 'A Certain Radiance' Gift Set, Illamasqua Facet Face Palette in Aura, Lime Crime Venus Palette. Middle: Nars Virtual Domination Cheek Palette, GlamGlow GiftSexy Gift Set, Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Palette. Bottom: Lorac Pro Mega Palette, Soap & Glory The Next Big Thing Gift Set, Nars Digital World Lip Pencil Coffret.
All images are not my own, but taken from websites stocking these products.

This one is probably not ending up in my hands this Christmas - or ever. It's not available in the UK and it's already sold out in the US, BUT if by some miracle it is added to the permanent collection by the time of my trip in January - I will be like a hawk in ULTA and it will be mine - a girl can dream... about eyeshadow. This beautiful palette is a 32-pan beauty with all new shades bar four (they're the basic ones though like black and white) and since getting my paws on the original Lorac Pro I can happily say that these shadows are worth the hype!

Lime Crime - Venus Eye Palette $42
Not necessarily a Christmas release but an eyeshadow palette released close to Christmas so I'm throwing it into the mix. Indie brand Lime Crime have been on my radar for some time. Prior my beauty obsession they were a brand I stumbled across on a late night tumblr scroll and I have always been interested in them. Their new release has definitely sparked my interest as a neutral palette with one serious edge. The majority of shades housed in this eccentric palette are ones I don't own and are both different and (in my opinion) wearable. On release day this did go into my cart but I resisted as Lime Crime is sold the NYC Urban Outfitters - so I plan to pick this puppy up once I'm stateside to avoid all those awful import charges.

Getting the huge S&G Set when it's star gift has become a bit of a Christmas tradition for me - in fact this will be the fourth year I've sprung into action and raced to the closest Boots to collect this baby on better than half off. This always has a week of stardom being less that £30 so please disregard the price listed above for one week only. This beaut contains TEN full sized S&G products - mainly bath & body but there's their mascara and lip gloss in there for good measure. A perfect gift and when bought at the right time at a great price. Sidenote - they've upped their game on the make-up sets front - I have my eyes on the 10 pan eyeshadow palette AND the Sexy Motherpucker gloss stick set so if you like their make-up too then they've got you covered!

Illamasqua are another brand I've always wanted to try but I've only managed to get my mitts on one thing (a Glamore nudes lipstick in Buff, you can see it in action in this video.) Another reason why Christmas time is a wonderful time in the beauty industry is you get several palettes which let you try a bunch of things from a brand - weed out the ones which are a waste of money and you do have some great little do-it-all palettes like this one. With this you get Hollow pigment - a famed contour for pale girl like myself, a sizeable blush and highlight, four neutral eyeshadows and a brow product! All you need is a lick of mascara and your base products and you're all set! If using this for travel is on you mind, a quick look at their travel brush set may be a good idea!

Spoiler alert: this may have arrived at my house today... BUT I couldn't not mention this brill pres. For less than the cost of two of Nars' amazing lip pencils gram for gram you get just shy of four pencils' worth of product and if you're a bit of a lip product hoarder like me then the 3/4 size won't bother you at all. Stay tuned for a full review on this set next week!

The other star of the Nars Christmas Release show is the cheek palette. Another product where you really get bang for your buck with the Laguna pan being larger than the standard size and the three blushes and highlighter being just short of standard size - you really do get a lot of product and I think this will suffice all of your cheek needs - I'm personally umming and ahhing about this for myself because I picked up last year's offering but I think this is a great set of shades!

I don't think I have mentioned it on the blog, but I did snap up the Ambient Lighting Powder Palette when it became part of the permanent collection - maybe a review for that one will crop up soon enough - but back to the blush edition - I know in my heart I need a viable solution to my undying love for the limited edition MAC Stereo Rose - and I think these could be the answer to my prayers. These blushes have the same marble looking dreamy effect and I think a wee palette of them could really help me make a decision on which one would suit me. If these are anything like the powders, you're onto a winner.

Right, I know I'm throwing the price right up there with this one - that's what wishlists are for, right? I thought I had to give a mention to one of my fave brands Aesop. Looking fresh as in a matte black tin, you get their hand wash, hand cream, body wash and body lotion which I'm sure down Boots you could get these type of products for a tenth of the price but man oh man would I like to try them. Out of their body range I've only splashed on their hand sanitizer and would really like that hand wash by my bathroom sink. With Aesop you know you're getting quality and the sizes are roughly half sizes of the full size product.

And last but not least, another set I purchased myself last Boxing Day as a 'you have to work today' treat.' They've switched it up a bit and you get a full size of their ThirstyMud treatment and two hefty samples of their famed SuperMud and YouthMud treatments. I think this set will cover most of your facemask needs and I'm definitely contemplating picking this up again as another Boxing Day treat.

So, I hope my fellow party poopers have at least thickened out that pending Christmas list. I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that some of these end up beneath the Christmas tree for me this December (Although knowing me I'll get a few prior the big day for myself, sorry not sorry)

What's your favourite Crimbo release?
Is your work playing Christmas tunes already? (...mine is)

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Sunday, 9 November 2014

What's In My Make-up Bag?! (Video)

Hi guys! Sorry no blog post this week - I have had the week from hell workwise so I hope you understand!! I'm also late posting my weekly vid on my blog, but you can be the first to view them if you subscribe to my YouTube Channel!! Also sorry for sounding a wee bit quiet in this one, no particular reason I just watched it all back and sounded a wee bit coy!

Let me know all about your daily make-up staples in the comments below!

Saturday, 1 November 2014

October Favourites (Video)

Another month, another favourites video!! This month I have complied a nice few bits which I have been enjoying and I've even gotten all festive and put my halloween jumper on! How has your month been? Discovered any great products?

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