Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer Review

I have come to the realisation that Nars is indeed my favourite cosmetics brand (sorry, bank account). When they released a doe-foot creamy concealer, the beauty world lost it's shit - me included. Now, if you're a frequenter of my YouTube channel, you're probably no stranger to this little tube. After a re-purchase a month or so back, I realised I hadn't put fingers to keys and written about the beauty that is this product. So here it is, an ode to my main man, Francois.

Let's start with the bad news, this sucker is £22 - and rising. The first tube of this stuff lasted me roughly three months, so that's just over £7 a month if you want to look at it that way. What I will say though is my skin was throwing a right old paddy spotswise then I was using it a lot more liberally and I imagine if you're blessed with only the odd blemish and want extra added coverage here and there, I reckon you could eek this sucker out for another month or so, but still, definitely not a budget-friendly option. And now the pros: this blends like an absolute dream and is most definitely one of those 'any issue - I've got you covered' concealers. Had one too many the night before? Check. Went beast mode and tore that spot off? Check. A self-induced 3 minute make up challenge because you forgot to set your alarm? Check. Basically this is quick-fix genius, a minimum effort/maximum output gem. It sinks into the skin with a mere dab from your finger. Is there anything else you'd like from a concealer? I thought not. This comes in 10 shades and due to itself adaptability I reckon this will serve a wide spectrum of people. After this one has bit the dust I won't be able to justify an immediate repurchase as I do have a few other concealers knocking around which I really ought to use up and use that £20 on things like food or petrol.

There are three other drugstore concealers which I do think are comparable - maybe not as good - but comparable. The cult Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection is a thicker consistency so you can't go piling the stuff on, but you could quite literally buy 5 of these for one offering from Nars. The Maybelline FitMe Concealer is quite nice and L'Oreal True Match concealer is a new similar discovery, and so far I can only good things.

To conclude - I love this stuff - but weep a little when I hand my card over to the assistant in Space NK (just think of the points Alice, THINK of the POINTS.) Go in and have swatch, mentally justify it to yourself. My name's Alice and I'm an enabler - enchanté.

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