Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The Hair Mask I Bought A Litre Of.

Now from the get go - if I bought a litre of a beauty product - chances I like it - like really like it. But I thought it was worth penning just why I would make such a commitment to a product with both amount of money and length of time it's on my bathroom caddy. We're talking the well famed, well coveted Elasticizer.

Philip Kingsley's Elasticizer is a pre-shampoo hair treatment which needs no introduction. Formulated on the command of Audrey Hepburn herself, this mask has an esteemed history. I first encountered this beauty due to a sample in a BirchBox and ever since it was playing on my mind that I need to get the full size. I like to stick this in my hair about half an hour before a shower or I use it whilst I have a bath. I tend to put my hair into a high pony, work it through the length and then clip it to my head in a sort of bun so I can get on with whatever I'm doing and the mask can work its magic. I use this typically 1-2 times a week and the results I get are fantastic - I feel this mask is one that really gets to work after continued use and the amount of people I have had comment on the healthiness of my hair is almost ridiculous - and sure I use a nice hair oil and a good heat protectant but I think the bulk of the work is down to this and would highly recommend this to a wide spectrum of hair lengths and types. I'm not going to beat around the bush, this mask isn't cheap, particularly the 'personal use' sizes so to get the real benefits out of it you'll either need to be shelling out lots of money fairly often, or you can get creative. I have rather long, fairly thick hair, so I certainly would be using a larger quantity of mask than most people. I bought myself the 75ml size for a hefty £15 just to make sure my love for this product was true, and rest assured it was - so I turned to during a 25% off entire site event and I snapped up the litre size with a nice bit of discount and used my points I'd gained with the site. Sure - I ended up spends £45 on a hair mask - I know, I know. But if I had repurchased the same 75ml bottle twice - I'd have been out of 775ml - which I'm glad I'm not. Basically what I'm trying to say is pop this on your Christmas list - see if you like it (which I think most will) and then lay in waiting to pounce on sites like Escentual or QVC to get that bulk size and be happy as larry with your seemingly endless tub of good hair.

Have I converted you to my crazy couponer ways?
Have you ever been stuck behind me at a boots counter piling up the discounts?

Let me know in the comments!!

Saturday, 25 October 2014

I Know What You Did Last Summer


Okay, so the title is slightly misleading - it should read 'you will know what I did this summer after you read this post' but I thought the one I went with was a little more catchy. So, I've been a tad AWOL on the blog this summer, I wrote out a well thought out 'Get Ready For Summer' series, took a week off - which quickly turned into a couple months. I think once you take your nose off of the grindstone, it's hard to put it back there - I'm not trying to make excuses, I promise! I've definitely been focusing on my YouTube channel over the course of the summer and I'm proud of how far I've come with it, and I would l-o-v-e if you would subscribe - I make genuine squeals when I see the number go up - yes even one singular digit! But enough of the introductions - let's get down to the knitty-gritty and chat about what the bloody hell I've been up to.

Right at the beginning of the summer I went back to the town my boyfriend comes from to celebrate his then heavily pregnant sister's birthday (who has since had a beaut of a baby girl!) and to see his family - we had a bit of downtime and I vlogged the picturesque trip - for Matt I know it's him going home but for me I feel like it's like a little adventure and I think he enjoys showing me where he grew up. Whilst on the subject of our 'thew we celebrated his birthday with a trip to the zoo and then a few days later I had my big 2-1! Rest assured being a fully fledged adult feels no different and I have had many a quarter life crisis and sometimes think that my life is over - it's not, but sometimes it certainly feels that way. After my birthday celebrations - I whisked myself off to Las Vegas, Nevada for a 10 day adventure in the sun with my two oldest pals  - I'm not going to harp on too much about this because let's face it, I have 5 vlogs documenting the experience and last Sunday I spoke all about it so sooner or later I will shut up about it I swear... maybe.

After roughly a month at home and catching up with as many people before they fly the metaphorical nest (just pictured above are two dear pals, one of which is living in New Zealand for a year and the other has enrolled in the Navy!) I flew mine too. I packed my things up at my parental home, carted them across to the other side of Bristol and moved in with my fella! It bizarre to think that I'm sat on our bed, in our bedroom typing this, but life is a funny old thing and that is what I'm doing. I now walk to work (and get a killer view of the harbourside), spend the price of an eyeshadow palette on food shopping and budget for awful things like council tax and TV licenses.

So, now we're caught up, I've got a few things to look forward to in the coming months. I want to keep ploughing on with my blog and YT - have a little watch of my updates video to hear a little more about that. I still have a few bits and bobs in boxes, but in the next couple of weeks I want to pick up the final bits for the place and make it a home, there's also a good chance that whilst you're reading this I'm on my way to Falmouth for a couple of days with some friends which I'm going to vlog (...which I'm unsure they know yet) and right at the beginning of January I'm planning a trip to the US to see a great friend of mine who I met whilst she was on exchange in London! It's been two years since we were face to face and I remember that sad last coffee and parting ways like it was yesterday. Before I sign off I just want to give a special shout out to the best of eggs, Mr Mitch Cole. Mitch is the one who inspired me with his daily blogging, yes daily, to get back on the blogging horse and he showed me just how much I missed putting 'tips to keys. I would highly recommend you heading over and checking out his blog - he talks all sorts from music, to daily natterings to more serious chats, it's good read and I'm not just saying that because I'm baised, and plus I crop up from time to time so if you haven't got enough of me quite yet you can nip over there and have a read.

My chest is now officially clear, so tell me about you!
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Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Cargo Cosmetics Vintage Escapes Palette Review & Swatches

Autumn always feels like a rushed season, as soon as September strikes the dreaded 'C' word is mentioned every now and again and people look towards the end of the year and plan their resolutions and turkey dinners.  However, autumn has had a bit of a homecoming in recent years, with Pumpkin Spice everything, several candles celebrating the scents tied with this time of year and an abundance of tag videos, (side note - what even is a haunted hayride?) It seems the blogging world doesn't want to see autumn go unnoticed, and neither do I. I'd like us savour our Pumpkin Spice Lattes just a little longer and chat about unmistakably autumnal eyeshadow palette which is the Cargo Cosmetics' Vintage Escapes Palette. This baby houses 12 shadows with a 7:5 shimmer:matte ratio, includes a double ended brush and is wrapped up in a faux tan leather exterior. The colours themselves are mainly warmer toned shades with a couple cooler tones for balance, and I must say I am thoroughly enjoying this palette!

Let's talk the case and brush first. The outer part is cardboard covered in faux leather but the casing for the shadows themselves is a sturdy plastic so I do believe the case would be able to handle a battering if you're someone who travels a lot. My only issue with the case is the magnetic closure is showing signs of wear, maybe the magnets are too good or the glue isn't good enough, but it's nothing a bit of double-sided sticky can't fix! The brush included is okay, it by no means is one of those 'oh my god why did you include this piece of rubbish' type applicators, but it isn't one that I will be reaching for over those in my current collection. The shadows themselves across the entire palette are brilliant quality, blend out like a dream and are well pigmented so can be built up to full-on colour in no time. The colour selection is definitely geared towards a more warm, autumnal look but this palette can easily be used all year round. 

T-B: Hot Cocoa, Crisp, Cuddle, Harvest Moon (My camera had real trouble picking up the last two!)
Hot Cocoa
This is one of those palette staples, Hot Cocoa is a cooler toned medium brown and is perfect blending out a look no matter how subtle the look, and I have used this shade through my brows a couple of times and it works perfectly for them too!

Harvest Moon
Another palette essential, a light matte shade perfect for prepping the lid or a nice highlight under the brow, maybe not the most exciting, but it is such a lovely texture and a shade you'll get loads of use out of.

Crisp is Harvest Moon's shimmery counterpart, although it is noticeably more yellow toned. One of the more shimmery in the palette, this sure packs a punch and would be great to brighten up those inner corners.

Cuddle is a light dusky pink shade with a subtle shimmer running through. This could be one of those quick wash of colour/there but not there shades if used on it's own to bring a little brightness to the eye or it could tie a more shadow-heavy look together!

T-B: Frolic, Cinnamon, Autumn, Withered Leaves

Frolic is a cooler toned metallic brown shade. It sounds like an odd'un but I think it is a really unique colour which could be the main focus of an eye look or would look great blended into the outer corners as part of a heavier look.

I feel like cinnamon steals the show in this palette, it's like a burnt, antique gold colour which is so buttery I can't stop swatching it. A light dusting gives a off a really pretty sheen, but I love amping this shade up to it's full potential with some nice smudgy black liner.

Autumn is deeper than Cuddle but still holds that dusky pink quality in matte format. This is another shade which I think you could use to blend out a look or for a simple eye look it would make green/hazel eye really pop!

Withered Leaves
This shade was the only shade I was umming and ahhing over as to whether I'd wear it prior to purchasing the palette. My mum is a big fan of green eyeshadow so part of me wanted to de-pot it and give it to mumsy, but after a swatch or two I found this shade sheered out makes for a really interesting colour which isn't like anything I own so sorry mumma - I'm holding onto this one.

T-B: Twigs, Black Crow Rustic, Chestnut
Twigs is that classic smokey eye shade which I must admit is potentially the only one that looks out of place next to the other shadows. That being said, it is a great colour and one that a lot of people (myself included) would get a lot of use out of it so I understand why it's been included!

Black Crow
Ain't no palette without a matte black, however Black Crow isn't as pigmented as the other shades which may not necessarily be a bad thing because trust a black shadow to come along and ruin your whole look. This could be used to deepen the colour of a look without having you resemble a panda.

Rustic is a lot more coppery than Cinnamon, but it is similar in the captures the light and your attention. If you've got blue eyes, I can't even begin to imagine how this would look on your lids - damn near short of perfect I'd say!

Chestnut is a matte brown shade which in the pan looks quite reddy, but when swatched that doesn't translate. This is a great shade to line the eyes with and blend in with those other browny hues.

Overall, I'm a happy bunny with this palette and can see me reaching for this one even after autumn is through. It has the capability to be used on a daily basis for quick and simple daytime looks but also can be used to make several very special looks indeed. I don't think the price point is extortionate either as it works out to roughly £3 a shadow which all 12 are well worth. This may be hard to source at a counter - I know Debenhams stock Cargo however I purchased mine from Feel Unique who ship worldwide! This is a great addition to my palette stash so I'd run and grab it quick if I were you, after all, winter is coming.

Are you enjoying Autumn?
Which shade is your favourite?
Let me know in the comments!!

Sunday, 19 October 2014

My Las Vegas Trip! Vlog Playlist & Photos!

So today I finally uploaded my last instalment of my Vegas Vlogs! To celebrate I thought I'd share a few of my favourite snaps from the trip and above I've put the first vlog - there's five in total so here's a link to my Vlog Playlist. I'm tempted to make a separate Vegas playlist? Thoughts? I'd love you to share 'em! Overall I had an absolute whale of a time and I'm so happy I caught it all on tape - I'm heading back to the states in the new year so expect another set of vlogs then!! I know it was a while ago but I'd love to hear all about your summer holidays and where you went!! Leave a comment down below!

Friday, 17 October 2014

Updates, Updates, Updates!

Hello! After a little summer hiatus I am back in the blogging game! If you didn't see my little post on Tuesday I'm back to regular programming and I even have a little schedule to go by. This video is short and sweet but I chat a bit about what's to come and I give you all a big thank you!!

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer Review

I have come to the realisation that Nars is indeed my favourite cosmetics brand (sorry, bank account). When they released a doe-foot creamy concealer, the beauty world lost it's shit - me included. Now, if you're a frequenter of my YouTube channel, you're probably no stranger to this little tube. After a re-purchase a month or so back, I realised I hadn't put fingers to keys and written about the beauty that is this product. So here it is, an ode to my main man, Francois.

Let's start with the bad news, this sucker is £22 - and rising. The first tube of this stuff lasted me roughly three months, so that's just over £7 a month if you want to look at it that way. What I will say though is my skin was throwing a right old paddy spotswise then I was using it a lot more liberally and I imagine if you're blessed with only the odd blemish and want extra added coverage here and there, I reckon you could eek this sucker out for another month or so, but still, definitely not a budget-friendly option. And now the pros: this blends like an absolute dream and is most definitely one of those 'any issue - I've got you covered' concealers. Had one too many the night before? Check. Went beast mode and tore that spot off? Check. A self-induced 3 minute make up challenge because you forgot to set your alarm? Check. Basically this is quick-fix genius, a minimum effort/maximum output gem. It sinks into the skin with a mere dab from your finger. Is there anything else you'd like from a concealer? I thought not. This comes in 10 shades and due to itself adaptability I reckon this will serve a wide spectrum of people. After this one has bit the dust I won't be able to justify an immediate repurchase as I do have a few other concealers knocking around which I really ought to use up and use that £20 on things like food or petrol.

There are three other drugstore concealers which I do think are comparable - maybe not as good - but comparable. The cult Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection is a thicker consistency so you can't go piling the stuff on, but you could quite literally buy 5 of these for one offering from Nars. The Maybelline FitMe Concealer is quite nice and L'Oreal True Match concealer is a new similar discovery, and so far I can only good things.

To conclude - I love this stuff - but weep a little when I hand my card over to the assistant in Space NK (just think of the points Alice, THINK of the POINTS.) Go in and have swatch, mentally justify it to yourself. My name's Alice and I'm an enabler - enchanté.

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

September Favourites!

WHY HELLO THERE STRANGERS - It's been a long old while since I've posted on this here blog, isn't it - don't fret I'm going to make one hell of a redemption next week with a bit of an overhaul and a schedule too so here's my most recent vid to keep you ticking over and rest assured there will be a post up on Monday!