Saturday, 7 June 2014

Three New Bases - A First Impressions!

My last video was a short but sweet Space NK haul, but over the past month or so I have been feeling very spendy! Recently I have acquired three new bases, some new launches and some just new to me. I've had all three on rotation but need a bit more time before I write a full review on any, but I thought I would tell you about what I think initially of all three! I have Oily/Combo skin so two of them are matte finishes, but all three are different brands and formulas - oooh exciting!

The New Kid On The Block - Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet in 10 Beige - £33
This is Chanel's newest base release and has only been on counters for around a month. After hearing about the base and it basically sounding like my perfect one I just had to give it a go! After being given and getting through a pretty hefty sample (thanks to a lovely Chanel worker, might I add) I went back and spent all my Boots points on this little lovely. It's as lightweight as Vitalumiere Aqua but more matte and long wearing but it still looks like skin which is what I want from a foundation. I've yet to try it with a brush or sponge, mainly because I think it'd just be soaked up into it, and I've found it blends seamlessly with fingers so why dirty another brush? The shade range is pants (unless you're white, presumably French) but that's nothing new from Chanel. I've also yet to try it mixed with it's aqua counterpart - which I'm going to give a whirl soon! 

The Reformulation - Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick in Porcelain - £29
Bobbi Brown is still one of those brands which I really need to try more of. Before this I'd only had their creamy corrector - which is a staple in my make-up routine now so on a whim after hearing really very good things, I thought I'd give this a go! This is so easy to apply it's unreal - I literally outline each section of my face then buff it in with a brush - it's zero to hero in 30 seconds flat. I find this foundation also truly lives up to it's name and it looks just like skin. I feel this is more suited to normal/oily skin types, and I did notice if I had a little dryness this could highlight it a bit but that is honestly my only gripe - I was so pleasantly surprised with this!!

The Cult Classic - Jouer Matte Moisture Tint in Porcelain - £30
I've been cooing over the Jouer products over on Cult Beauty for some time now, and finally caved and bought myself yet another matte base. When you squirt this onto the back of your hand it almost looks as if it has a mousse texture, but after applying it to the skin it feels very similar to other tinted moisturisers I've tried. I've found you definitely need to spend that little bit more time working it into the skin as it pays you back in spades later on in the day. I guess this base is a little less fuss free than I wanted or expected, I like bases like these type of bases for lazy days or self inflicted 3 minute make-up challenges whereas with this I've found you can really tell the difference when my application has been a bit slap dash. I by no way think it's bad - it's just not what I was expecting!

So it looks like I've got a lot to play with over the summer - I actually think all three of these will be suitable for the warmer months - I may write a full review on these when I've tested them out in the summer heat (fingers crossed no Wicked Witch of the West style melting with these bad boys!)

Do you have a favourite summer base?
Which one of these tickles your fancy?

Let us know in the comments!!

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