Sunday, 29 June 2014

Getting Yourself Ready For Summer Part 4 - Face!

Here it is - the fourth and final instalment of my 'Get Yourself Ready For Summer' series! I've had an absolute blast putting all my tricks down on paper (/blog) and I hope you've picked up a thing or two - if this the first one you're reading, check out my first summer post, my summer hair and my summer legs! Today I'm chatting all about the moneymaker - that's right, there's no summer routine without a summer facial routine. I try to adapt my skincare and make-up routine accordingly for the summer, and here's a few things I've been shaking up around here:

Facial SPF
I tend to opt for base products which include an SPF but in the summer months I go all out and use a dedicated SPF product and usually aim for factor 50+. I chop and change between the MAC Prep + Prime and the Kiehl's offering but I've heard the new Soap & Glory one is just as light under make-up and great for those on a budget.

Tame Brows
As we scale back the make-up in the summer months, I think we all keep our fingers crossed that it all works out. It's no secret that brows are the key to tying everything together so recently I have been using the HD Brows 'Grow Baby, Grow' to let my brows be full and frame my face without the help of product. I've also been getting my eyebrows threaded more often. I tend to top up my brows myself but when I have a few bad brow days in a row - I know it's time for a professional to work their magic.

Face Masks & Spot Treatments
I try to steer clear of the caked look as much as possible, especially in the summer. I think the reason people pile on the base products is because of the condition their skin is in. I'm blemish prone, and also have oily/combo skin and as much as I like to cover up my ailments (more on that in a sec) I also like to fix the problem, rather than just cover it up and hope for the best. This year has seen me fall in love with Aesop - which offers up a fabulous mask for me - the Chamomile Concentrate. I like reaching for this one on a weekly basis to tame the spots I have and stop any thinking about turning up. I've also recently picked up their spot treatment - Control - to also help out. A clearer complexion for me means less make-up and less fuss, which is exactly what I'm after.

Light but Long Lasting Make-up
I've only been using foundation for a year or so, and I've kept the mantra that I'm using it just to take everything to square one and even things out. I've been really enjoying the Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet for a light coverage which you don't sweat off immediately. I've also been loving using the Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Spray and Nars Light-Reflecting Powder to help things stick around for a little longer. Speaking of Nars, I'm really missing the Radiant Concealer... maybe it's time for a repurchase? Base products aside, a cream eyeshadow like MAC's Painterly is also going to help your eyeshadow stay on throughout those long sweaty summer days!

As I mentioned before, I've really enjoyed this little series - you never know it may become a seasonal thing! Don't worry guys, I'll be posting a much belated Instagram Update tomorrow and am working on getting back into a routine so I can be more consistent with my posts and uploads! Do you have any summer product recommendations or tricks which help you through the summer days? I'd love for you to leave them below!

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