Friday, 27 June 2014

Getting Yourself Ready For Summer Part 3 - Legs!

Welcome to post 3 of 4 in my 'Getting Yourself Ready for Summer' series! Today I'm chatting all about legs! Earlier in the week I did a little overview as well as a post specifically on hair - so you can go check them out after this one! I always find legs need a bit more TLC than the rest of limbs in the summertime and I find a lot of people (me included) can be really self conscious about them - so these are a few things I've been doing to get summer ready!!

Get Over Yourself
I always feel really conscious of my legs particularly 'wobbling' makes me feel just really uncomfortable in my own skin. I've been watching people of all shapes and sizes, and you know what? Eveyrbody's legs wobble - whether you're 50 stone or 10. I've been teaching myself to embrace my legs a little more because they're not all that bad and I highly doubt anybody else is paying that much attention!

Leg Day Everyday
That being said, I've taken Fergie's advice and have been working on my fitness. As I said in Monday's post I've been launching myself into workout programmes and have been hitting the gym a couple times a week, where I manage to squeeze my cardio in. You can always tell when you've had a good leg workout the following day and I've been trying to embrace the jelly feeling as a sign of it all being worth it!

Regular Shaving
I can't be the only one in the winter time to neglect their hairy legs (sorry Matt) - truth is my leg hairs aren't all that dark or long (well, this got weird quickly...) but I do always find whenever I did show a bit of skin my legs I'd have neglected to give them a quick once over with my razor (I have a Venus). So I'm trying to shave my legs every time if I'm not in a crazy rush in the shower so no nasty surprises when I go bare legged. Side note - if you know the best way to shave your knees - leave it down in the comments.

Regular Scrubbing
Going hand in hand with shaving is scrubbing! I love a good scrub me - Soap & Glory do particularly good ones which don't cost an arm and a leg, and I have upped the ante from a weekly to a 'as many times as I can' scrubbing session. Not that I suffer from particularly dry legs, but I just like the smoothness it gives me, and if you're one of those gals who loves to fake bake - this step is a must!

A good old fashioned moisturising can make the world of difference to those pins. I've been loving using an oil (I've been loving Garnier's) on my legs to give them a little bit more of a sheen. Depending how hot it is where you are, a good slathering of body butter and some long cotton PJs at night can really help that moisture set into the skin, although if you're absolutely baking I completely understand omitting the long PJs!

Maybe Tanning?
Some people love a good tan - I am not one of them. I just don't think I look right with a tan and I embrace my English Rose complexion. Although being submersed in the online beauty community I've picked up the basic dos and don'ts with fake baking. Scrub and moisturise (especially trouble spots like knees and elbows!) before applying, use a mitt to avoid tell tale signs on your hands and a lazy application means a streaky application. This being said, I am pondering using the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs mixed in with a body butter so my legs look a little more even toned and to skim over those red shaving dots, but I have tattoos on my legs and tattoos and body make-up I don't think will turn out well... stay tuned on that one!

The final post is up this Sunday and is all about the face! Make sure you check out Monday and Wednesday's posts for general tips as well as exclusively hair! If you have any of your own tips I'd love you to leave them down below!

Are you pumped for summer?!
Any favourites products?
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