Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Getting Yourself Ready For Summer Part 2 - Hair!

Today I'm back with another Summer ready post and this one is all about hair! I like to take good care of my hair all year round but in Summer I like to be extra careful because of the heat! Stay tuned on Friday and Sunday for posts about legs and the ol' moneymaker! If you didn't catch Monday's post you can have a read of it here!

Strategise Your Haircuts
Seems like an odd one, but I'm heading to a wedding and am turning 21 this summer so when I look back on Summer 2K14 I don't want to look back and cringe at any dodgy haircuts! I have a full fringe which I will probably get trimmed just before my birthday so I can see and the world can marvel at my brows (more on brows later in the week!) I've also already done my seasonal re-ombré well in advance of life milestones so if a disaster were to occur, it could be rectified in plenty of time. I do use violet toning products to keep that brassiness  at bay, currently I've got the Joico Violet Shampoo, the Directions White Toner and the Bleach Silver Conditioner - all on rotation for whatever takes my fancy!

Protect Your Hair From UV Rays!
I've already mentioned UV protection in general, but I think a lot of us overlook protection for your hair. I'm currently using the Label M Protein Spray but you don't have to use something as fancy as that - a lot of drugstore Heat Protectants will also cover UV and a quick scan if the bottle in Boots will let you know it does or doesn't, or if you're a BirchBox subscriber you'll probably have one of their Beauty Protector lying around which will do the trick!

Windswept & Interesting
This tends to be my look of choice most of the year 'round, but summer in particular a opt for that boho
beachy mermaid like hair where you tread the thin line between shabby chic and bird's nest. I find using a combination of a diffuser, a salt spray and styling creme (currently I'm using Bumble & Bumble offerings for both) whilst my hair is damp and then texturising products such as volumizing dust and dry texturising spray (for me right now, Got2B and Charles Worthington respectively) along with a backcombing brush - and voila! - through a hedge backwards but in all the right ways.

Use An Oil
Oils. The fad turned staple is an essential in summer heat. A good oil will help your hair retain the moisture which could be lost whilst also keeping your ends in good condition and your hair looking and feeling amazing. Some lighter oil formulas can be used on dry hair, although I personally prefer using them on damp hair as part of my blow dry routine!

Use A Mask!
I like to treat my hair to a good mask 1-2 times a week. Depending on my schedule I'll either pop in Philip Kingsley's Elasticizer which is a pre-shampoo mask or I'll use one in place of a conditioner - sometimes I even double up and use both! Every now and again I also make a hair mask to sleep in which consists of hair oil, coconut oil and PK Elasticizer and then wash it out the following morning! The result is super duper soft hair which also smells heavenly!

I hope you found this post helpful and are enjoying this week's series - I'm enjoying writing it! If you've got any summer tips for your hair leave them down below - I'd love to hear them!!

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