Monday, 23 June 2014

Getting Yourself Ready For Summer Part 1!

It's here! Summer has officially begun and I am starting to look forward to our imminent summer plans, I know I need to dust my bikini off and need to get myself in gear to have the body to match. I thought I'd create a little series of posts this week as to what I'm doing to get myself summer ready. I feel like this year I'm more determined than ever to be looking good and feeling great because I'm turning 21 this year and when I look back I don't want to think 'you shoulda laid off the Krispy Kremes.'

Diet and Exercise
I can hear the groans through your screens, I know, I know. I'm a vegetarian, but I'm aiming to cut out a lot of dairy and gluten heavy products in the upcoming weeks to shed a pound or two whilst giving my skin a chance to stay clear. I'm also currently doing the Debbie Siebers 'Slim in 6' workout which is great for me as it is a whole body workout and I go on holiday in 6 weeks (Debbie - work your magic!) I'm also hitting the gym fairly regularly to get in some cardio as well a few targeted Blogilates videos too so I can be all lean and toned come the time my holibobs rolls around!

Teeth Whitening
I often get complimented on the whiteness of my teeth - truth is I didn't get there all on my own! Although I'm not a smoker, I drink a lot of tea and coffee and don't want stained teeth! Once a year I use Crest White Strips (I use 10 packets as a full course) which are easy to use, and don't cost an arm and a leg - I'll link the eBay seller I use here. I'm thinking of documenting the use of these - so stay tuned for an in depth review!

Prepping For The Sun
There will be more specifics on this in my post all about legs - but I am getting my body and beauty stash sun ready. SPF is a no brainer and an absolute essential - this year I've opted for La-Roche Posay's SPF 50+ oil offering, which so far is working wonders! I'm also switching out my heavier creams for lighter formulations because as the weather gets hotter and stickier, ain't nobody got time for that!

Stay tuned throughout the week for my posts on hair, legs and face and what I'm doing to get them ready for (in my humble opinion) the best season of the year!

What are you doing to gear yourself up for summer?
Leave your tip and tricks down below!

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