Sunday, 29 June 2014

Getting Yourself Ready For Summer Part 4 - Face!

Here it is - the fourth and final instalment of my 'Get Yourself Ready For Summer' series! I've had an absolute blast putting all my tricks down on paper (/blog) and I hope you've picked up a thing or two - if this the first one you're reading, check out my first summer post, my summer hair and my summer legs! Today I'm chatting all about the moneymaker - that's right, there's no summer routine without a summer facial routine. I try to adapt my skincare and make-up routine accordingly for the summer, and here's a few things I've been shaking up around here:

Facial SPF
I tend to opt for base products which include an SPF but in the summer months I go all out and use a dedicated SPF product and usually aim for factor 50+. I chop and change between the MAC Prep + Prime and the Kiehl's offering but I've heard the new Soap & Glory one is just as light under make-up and great for those on a budget.

Tame Brows
As we scale back the make-up in the summer months, I think we all keep our fingers crossed that it all works out. It's no secret that brows are the key to tying everything together so recently I have been using the HD Brows 'Grow Baby, Grow' to let my brows be full and frame my face without the help of product. I've also been getting my eyebrows threaded more often. I tend to top up my brows myself but when I have a few bad brow days in a row - I know it's time for a professional to work their magic.

Face Masks & Spot Treatments
I try to steer clear of the caked look as much as possible, especially in the summer. I think the reason people pile on the base products is because of the condition their skin is in. I'm blemish prone, and also have oily/combo skin and as much as I like to cover up my ailments (more on that in a sec) I also like to fix the problem, rather than just cover it up and hope for the best. This year has seen me fall in love with Aesop - which offers up a fabulous mask for me - the Chamomile Concentrate. I like reaching for this one on a weekly basis to tame the spots I have and stop any thinking about turning up. I've also recently picked up their spot treatment - Control - to also help out. A clearer complexion for me means less make-up and less fuss, which is exactly what I'm after.

Light but Long Lasting Make-up
I've only been using foundation for a year or so, and I've kept the mantra that I'm using it just to take everything to square one and even things out. I've been really enjoying the Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet for a light coverage which you don't sweat off immediately. I've also been loving using the Urban Decay De-Slick Setting Spray and Nars Light-Reflecting Powder to help things stick around for a little longer. Speaking of Nars, I'm really missing the Radiant Concealer... maybe it's time for a repurchase? Base products aside, a cream eyeshadow like MAC's Painterly is also going to help your eyeshadow stay on throughout those long sweaty summer days!

As I mentioned before, I've really enjoyed this little series - you never know it may become a seasonal thing! Don't worry guys, I'll be posting a much belated Instagram Update tomorrow and am working on getting back into a routine so I can be more consistent with my posts and uploads! Do you have any summer product recommendations or tricks which help you through the summer days? I'd love for you to leave them below!

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Friday, 27 June 2014

Getting Yourself Ready For Summer Part 3 - Legs!

Welcome to post 3 of 4 in my 'Getting Yourself Ready for Summer' series! Today I'm chatting all about legs! Earlier in the week I did a little overview as well as a post specifically on hair - so you can go check them out after this one! I always find legs need a bit more TLC than the rest of limbs in the summertime and I find a lot of people (me included) can be really self conscious about them - so these are a few things I've been doing to get summer ready!!

Get Over Yourself
I always feel really conscious of my legs particularly 'wobbling' makes me feel just really uncomfortable in my own skin. I've been watching people of all shapes and sizes, and you know what? Eveyrbody's legs wobble - whether you're 50 stone or 10. I've been teaching myself to embrace my legs a little more because they're not all that bad and I highly doubt anybody else is paying that much attention!

Leg Day Everyday
That being said, I've taken Fergie's advice and have been working on my fitness. As I said in Monday's post I've been launching myself into workout programmes and have been hitting the gym a couple times a week, where I manage to squeeze my cardio in. You can always tell when you've had a good leg workout the following day and I've been trying to embrace the jelly feeling as a sign of it all being worth it!

Regular Shaving
I can't be the only one in the winter time to neglect their hairy legs (sorry Matt) - truth is my leg hairs aren't all that dark or long (well, this got weird quickly...) but I do always find whenever I did show a bit of skin my legs I'd have neglected to give them a quick once over with my razor (I have a Venus). So I'm trying to shave my legs every time if I'm not in a crazy rush in the shower so no nasty surprises when I go bare legged. Side note - if you know the best way to shave your knees - leave it down in the comments.

Regular Scrubbing
Going hand in hand with shaving is scrubbing! I love a good scrub me - Soap & Glory do particularly good ones which don't cost an arm and a leg, and I have upped the ante from a weekly to a 'as many times as I can' scrubbing session. Not that I suffer from particularly dry legs, but I just like the smoothness it gives me, and if you're one of those gals who loves to fake bake - this step is a must!

A good old fashioned moisturising can make the world of difference to those pins. I've been loving using an oil (I've been loving Garnier's) on my legs to give them a little bit more of a sheen. Depending how hot it is where you are, a good slathering of body butter and some long cotton PJs at night can really help that moisture set into the skin, although if you're absolutely baking I completely understand omitting the long PJs!

Maybe Tanning?
Some people love a good tan - I am not one of them. I just don't think I look right with a tan and I embrace my English Rose complexion. Although being submersed in the online beauty community I've picked up the basic dos and don'ts with fake baking. Scrub and moisturise (especially trouble spots like knees and elbows!) before applying, use a mitt to avoid tell tale signs on your hands and a lazy application means a streaky application. This being said, I am pondering using the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs mixed in with a body butter so my legs look a little more even toned and to skim over those red shaving dots, but I have tattoos on my legs and tattoos and body make-up I don't think will turn out well... stay tuned on that one!

The final post is up this Sunday and is all about the face! Make sure you check out Monday and Wednesday's posts for general tips as well as exclusively hair! If you have any of your own tips I'd love you to leave them down below!

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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Getting Yourself Ready For Summer Part 2 - Hair!

Today I'm back with another Summer ready post and this one is all about hair! I like to take good care of my hair all year round but in Summer I like to be extra careful because of the heat! Stay tuned on Friday and Sunday for posts about legs and the ol' moneymaker! If you didn't catch Monday's post you can have a read of it here!

Strategise Your Haircuts
Seems like an odd one, but I'm heading to a wedding and am turning 21 this summer so when I look back on Summer 2K14 I don't want to look back and cringe at any dodgy haircuts! I have a full fringe which I will probably get trimmed just before my birthday so I can see and the world can marvel at my brows (more on brows later in the week!) I've also already done my seasonal re-ombré well in advance of life milestones so if a disaster were to occur, it could be rectified in plenty of time. I do use violet toning products to keep that brassiness  at bay, currently I've got the Joico Violet Shampoo, the Directions White Toner and the Bleach Silver Conditioner - all on rotation for whatever takes my fancy!

Protect Your Hair From UV Rays!
I've already mentioned UV protection in general, but I think a lot of us overlook protection for your hair. I'm currently using the Label M Protein Spray but you don't have to use something as fancy as that - a lot of drugstore Heat Protectants will also cover UV and a quick scan if the bottle in Boots will let you know it does or doesn't, or if you're a BirchBox subscriber you'll probably have one of their Beauty Protector lying around which will do the trick!

Windswept & Interesting
This tends to be my look of choice most of the year 'round, but summer in particular a opt for that boho
beachy mermaid like hair where you tread the thin line between shabby chic and bird's nest. I find using a combination of a diffuser, a salt spray and styling creme (currently I'm using Bumble & Bumble offerings for both) whilst my hair is damp and then texturising products such as volumizing dust and dry texturising spray (for me right now, Got2B and Charles Worthington respectively) along with a backcombing brush - and voila! - through a hedge backwards but in all the right ways.

Use An Oil
Oils. The fad turned staple is an essential in summer heat. A good oil will help your hair retain the moisture which could be lost whilst also keeping your ends in good condition and your hair looking and feeling amazing. Some lighter oil formulas can be used on dry hair, although I personally prefer using them on damp hair as part of my blow dry routine!

Use A Mask!
I like to treat my hair to a good mask 1-2 times a week. Depending on my schedule I'll either pop in Philip Kingsley's Elasticizer which is a pre-shampoo mask or I'll use one in place of a conditioner - sometimes I even double up and use both! Every now and again I also make a hair mask to sleep in which consists of hair oil, coconut oil and PK Elasticizer and then wash it out the following morning! The result is super duper soft hair which also smells heavenly!

I hope you found this post helpful and are enjoying this week's series - I'm enjoying writing it! If you've got any summer tips for your hair leave them down below - I'd love to hear them!!

Monday, 23 June 2014

Getting Yourself Ready For Summer Part 1!

It's here! Summer has officially begun and I am starting to look forward to our imminent summer plans, I know I need to dust my bikini off and need to get myself in gear to have the body to match. I thought I'd create a little series of posts this week as to what I'm doing to get myself summer ready. I feel like this year I'm more determined than ever to be looking good and feeling great because I'm turning 21 this year and when I look back I don't want to think 'you shoulda laid off the Krispy Kremes.'

Diet and Exercise
I can hear the groans through your screens, I know, I know. I'm a vegetarian, but I'm aiming to cut out a lot of dairy and gluten heavy products in the upcoming weeks to shed a pound or two whilst giving my skin a chance to stay clear. I'm also currently doing the Debbie Siebers 'Slim in 6' workout which is great for me as it is a whole body workout and I go on holiday in 6 weeks (Debbie - work your magic!) I'm also hitting the gym fairly regularly to get in some cardio as well a few targeted Blogilates videos too so I can be all lean and toned come the time my holibobs rolls around!

Teeth Whitening
I often get complimented on the whiteness of my teeth - truth is I didn't get there all on my own! Although I'm not a smoker, I drink a lot of tea and coffee and don't want stained teeth! Once a year I use Crest White Strips (I use 10 packets as a full course) which are easy to use, and don't cost an arm and a leg - I'll link the eBay seller I use here. I'm thinking of documenting the use of these - so stay tuned for an in depth review!

Prepping For The Sun
There will be more specifics on this in my post all about legs - but I am getting my body and beauty stash sun ready. SPF is a no brainer and an absolute essential - this year I've opted for La-Roche Posay's SPF 50+ oil offering, which so far is working wonders! I'm also switching out my heavier creams for lighter formulations because as the weather gets hotter and stickier, ain't nobody got time for that!

Stay tuned throughout the week for my posts on hair, legs and face and what I'm doing to get them ready for (in my humble opinion) the best season of the year!

What are you doing to gear yourself up for summer?
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Saturday, 7 June 2014

Three New Bases - A First Impressions!

My last video was a short but sweet Space NK haul, but over the past month or so I have been feeling very spendy! Recently I have acquired three new bases, some new launches and some just new to me. I've had all three on rotation but need a bit more time before I write a full review on any, but I thought I would tell you about what I think initially of all three! I have Oily/Combo skin so two of them are matte finishes, but all three are different brands and formulas - oooh exciting!

The New Kid On The Block - Chanel Perfection Lumiere Velvet in 10 Beige - £33
This is Chanel's newest base release and has only been on counters for around a month. After hearing about the base and it basically sounding like my perfect one I just had to give it a go! After being given and getting through a pretty hefty sample (thanks to a lovely Chanel worker, might I add) I went back and spent all my Boots points on this little lovely. It's as lightweight as Vitalumiere Aqua but more matte and long wearing but it still looks like skin which is what I want from a foundation. I've yet to try it with a brush or sponge, mainly because I think it'd just be soaked up into it, and I've found it blends seamlessly with fingers so why dirty another brush? The shade range is pants (unless you're white, presumably French) but that's nothing new from Chanel. I've also yet to try it mixed with it's aqua counterpart - which I'm going to give a whirl soon! 

The Reformulation - Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick in Porcelain - £29
Bobbi Brown is still one of those brands which I really need to try more of. Before this I'd only had their creamy corrector - which is a staple in my make-up routine now so on a whim after hearing really very good things, I thought I'd give this a go! This is so easy to apply it's unreal - I literally outline each section of my face then buff it in with a brush - it's zero to hero in 30 seconds flat. I find this foundation also truly lives up to it's name and it looks just like skin. I feel this is more suited to normal/oily skin types, and I did notice if I had a little dryness this could highlight it a bit but that is honestly my only gripe - I was so pleasantly surprised with this!!

The Cult Classic - Jouer Matte Moisture Tint in Porcelain - £30
I've been cooing over the Jouer products over on Cult Beauty for some time now, and finally caved and bought myself yet another matte base. When you squirt this onto the back of your hand it almost looks as if it has a mousse texture, but after applying it to the skin it feels very similar to other tinted moisturisers I've tried. I've found you definitely need to spend that little bit more time working it into the skin as it pays you back in spades later on in the day. I guess this base is a little less fuss free than I wanted or expected, I like bases like these type of bases for lazy days or self inflicted 3 minute make-up challenges whereas with this I've found you can really tell the difference when my application has been a bit slap dash. I by no way think it's bad - it's just not what I was expecting!

So it looks like I've got a lot to play with over the summer - I actually think all three of these will be suitable for the warmer months - I may write a full review on these when I've tested them out in the summer heat (fingers crossed no Wicked Witch of the West style melting with these bad boys!)

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Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Four New Videos!

I've been super slack with putting the videos I've been uploading to my YouTube channel onto here which is very lazy of my I know - in fact I have 4 new vids up since I last put them on here so feel free to have a mega binge before my May Favourites which will be up later this week!!

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