Thursday, 13 March 2014

The Narsissist Eye Palette Review + Swatches

Hi guys!! I know I'm very late on the Narsissist train (video coming tomorrow explaining my struggle to get this bloody palette!!) but nevertheless I thought I'd share my thoughts on one of the most biggest buzz products from the last month or so, and swatch the shadows too!!

The Narsissist palette retails for £55

It is a thing of beauty

Top: Pandora #2, Dogon #2, Bad Behaviour, Lhasa, Bellissima #1
Middle: Mekong, Brousse #2, Ashes To Ashes, Nepal, Madrague #1
Bottom: Coconut Grove, Bali, Fez, Madrague #2, All About Eve

Index - All About Eve, Middle - Madrague #1, Ring - Bellissima #1
When first swatched and sat next to each other, these three look fairly similar, All About Eve is a pinky champagne colour with some shimmer running through it, which I think is a great 'barely there, but a little something' quick colour. Madrague #1 is a matte flesh tone and I love it as a base if I'm going for liquid liner. Bellissima is the highlight shade in the palette, a shimmery white which would work both along the brow bone or in the inner corner, the glitter is definitely there, but isn't too in your face or chunky. 
Index - Madrague #2, Middle - Nepal, Ring - Lhasa
 Madrague #2 is what I would describe as a sandy camel colour which pairs well with it's Madrague counterpart (funnily enough) if you're looking for a subtle crease colour, or it could be used as a quick wash of colour across the lid, or a nice transition shade - it's a very boring, but versatile shade (I'm definitely considering getting the Madrague Duo!) Nepal is a deeper, more coral version of All About Eve, and I think if you mixed these together you could get a nice highlight for your cheekbones. I also think it is another colour which works well on it's own, or thrown into a million shadow look to add a little sheen. Lhasa is actually a shade I own in a full sized single - I purchased it because I thought it would work well in the crease and with your contour shade - and I was right! If you wanted Chanel Notorious but couldn't get your mitts on it, I found this makes a nice substitute. The shimmer isn't too overpowering so it can work in your contour and it does a great job of cooling things down - so if you wanna look a little bit more - dare I say it - gaunt - this works a treat!
Index - Fez, Middle - Ashes To Ashes, Ring - Bad Behaviour
Fez I think is one of the stand out shades for most, and for good reason. This thrown into a smokey eye, particularly Olsen style, would make blue and green eyes especially just pop! I think it is an absolutely lovely shade with the right amount of glitter in it to make it fabulous, not tacky.  Ashes To Ashes I think is that taupey 'throw this with any look' shade and I think although it may look a little boring, it's a versatile shade. I was thinking about picking Bad Behaviour up as a single shadow prior to the release of this palette, I think it's a lovely, buildable shade which would work wonders in most smokey eye looks. This was part of the Guy Bourdin collection, which was limited edition, although I'm unsure whether or not this has made it into the permanent line.
Index - Bali, Middle - Brousse #2, Ring - Dogon #2
 Bali is a greyish matte brown which I like to use to really define the crease and although I haven't tried it, you may be able to get away with this one through your eyebrows! Brousse #2 is greyish purple shade with purple glitter running through it which I think would work great when doing a smokey eye! Dogon #2 is a nice bluey grey shade which is another smokey eye shade!!
Index - Coconut Grove, Middle - Mekong, Ring - Pandora #2
Coconut Grove is a really rich warm toned brown and I think would look nice a liner or smudged into the lash line. Mekong is deep shade with glitter running through, and when layered up can give an intense smokey look. Pandora #2 is a matte black shade, which is basically a palette essential!!

I already know I will get a lot of use out of this palette, I don't own a high end palette bigger than the Naked Basics which has 6 shades or my MAC palette which I'm (very) slowly building. I also think this is good value for money, it works out about £3.60 a shade, which gram for gram compared to the single shadows is a little less than half price. Sephora have recently started shipping to the UK, which opens up the possibility of the Marc Jacobs Lolita or the Lorac Pro to me, and the Smashbox Full Exposure is readily available in my local Boots, but I must say I'm very happy I have this one. It's a shame this one is limited edition as it gives you a great spectrum of Nars shadows if you're new to them, maybe Francois will reconsider? I bloody hope so. Packaging wise it is what you expect from Nars, it's sturdy, matte black (with your finger prints all over it) with a mirror the size of the lid. Maybe checking your local Nars counter is your best shot at getting this guy. I personally got mine from Asos and when typing 'narsissist' into the Nars website you're prompted to sign up to their newsletter so you'll know when it's available again. This puppy is my new love, and is making me fall more and more in love with the brand.

Did you get your hands on the Narsissist palette?
Have you got a favourite shade?

Let us know in the comments!!

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