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Glossybox First Impressions February 2014

I always try my best to post my beauty box reviews as soon as I get them, rather than wait to put them up for my Wednesday post, however this week time around the stars aligned and my Glossybox turned up on my doorstep and here we are! This month Glossy's theme is 'Be Mine' - a theme fairly common this time of year, although the Glossy team are urging us to love ourselves, family and friends, as well as our other halves, thus the contents being an indulgent one (speaking of indulgence, have you read my pamper night treats?) This edition's mag includes an interview with the founder of Ciate, a feature on blushes, some recommendations of products as well as indulgent beauty treatments! Enough of the mag, let's look at the products!!

Nougat is one of those brands that I refer to as 'beauty box brands' as I swear that it's the only place I find them! I had a sample of their hand cream a while back and it was rather nice! I can see why this was included in a Valentine's box, if you're planning on flashing a bit of flesh (ooh err) when it's been covered up during these winter months, you may want to give your skin a bit of pazazz, although for me this is probably more of a summer product.

Eldora Eyelashes - B164 £4.50 For 1 Pair
The lashes I received are absolutely enormous in both length and volume, so for an very occasional lash user like myself, they do look rather daunting. That being said, I know a fair few of my friends who would love a set like these, the seam also looks fairly sturdy so I think you'll be able to reuse them a few times if you're careful with them!

I do really like ciate nail polishes, the pigmentation is great, and they are fairly long wearing. The colour I received is called 'Cocktail Dress' (don't you just love reading the names of nail varnishes?) which is a nice pinky raspberry colour!

This is a brand I've never heard of before, and am quite intrigued by, they're a British brand and also cruelty free. Although I usually try my best to stay away from conditioning shampoos as I hate being a little greaseball, I think my hair deserves a nice little treat every now and again, and the conditioner looks like the perfect trip away companion.

Maybelline ColorSensational Stripped Nudes Lipstick in Honey Beige
I had heard about this collection in the states and was wondering when it was going to hit the shelves in the UK, low and behold I have one in my GB! The shade I received - Honey Beige - in the bullet looked a tad too pale and a tad too brown for my natural rosy hued lips, but I'm pleasantly surprised I can make it work. With a bit of blotting, the shade looks nice and natural and I think would be great if I'm sporting a strong eye/lip look.

Glossybox have been nice this month and thrown in an edible extra - a Lindt chocolate bar - which again was scoffed as soon as I set eyes on it, so unfortunately it isn't pictured. Glossybox also love giving discount codes, and this month there are some for Eldora and Lindt (yeah that's right, discounted chocolate.) Glossybox are also running a rather spectacular competition this month - the chance to win a £1000 holiday voucher - a competition I would certainly l-o-v-e to win, and great if you're thinking of a romantic get away. I've included my entry to the competition in the post, where I used my most recent lippy purchase (did someone say, haul?) and I'm very much keeping my fingers crossed!! Overall, I'm rather impressed with this month's box, three products are full size, and the others are fairly sizeable too, and I do think they're all season appropriate which is a bonus!

Are you subscribed to Glossybox?
Do you love the selection of products this month?

Let us know!!

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