Thursday, 13 February 2014

Birchbox February 2014 First Impressions

Today has been a very lovely day thanks to Mr Postman. My first delivery was this month's Birchbox - which had a rather soggy corner (I am done with this rain) but luckily the products inside are all spick and span. This month's theme is 'Love Style' - which can I say I think is a stroke of genius. With London Fashion Week starting this very Friday which also just so happens to be Valentine's Day, this theme is bloody perfect. The postcards this month feature a how-to on liquid liner, the staff's style icons and some of their favourite products featured in this month's box. Speaking of this month's box, this is what I got!

Birchbox's Retail For £10 Plus P+P

Swatches Galore: The 'A' is swatch of Eyeko's Skinny Liquid Liner and I've already painted my nails with
Leighton Denny's 'Meet Me In Monaco' Nail Colour!

I'm unsure whether or not Birchbox own this brand or not, because it is only available through them, and the only place I have heard about it. Either way, I've used the original beauty protector, which is a souped up heat protectant which is actually quite nice to use. This product also aims to protect from heat and UV, as well as nourishing the hair and prevent breakage.

This eyeliner has been in my sights for some time. The first time I learnt of a liner in a pen format, was this one and I'm unsure why I put it off for all this time. Luckily Birchbox have saved the day and given me a product I've been eager to try for a long time! After my swatching sesh the colour is highly pigmented, the nib is firm and the formula seems good to work with - all great points in it's favour!

This brand seems like one with a good heart - proudly displaying it's vegetarian society approved status and that it is against animal testing, but I must admit I've never heard of it before. This markets itself as a gentle exfoliator so could slot quite nicely into a daily skin routine.

A collection perfect for LFW, this is a really nice smelling shower gel, probably a bit steep price-wise for my shower routine but I will enjoy using it up!

I've had one Leighton Denny polish before (funnily enough, through a beauty box) and the formula is a good one, I used two coats to get fully opaque nails, but I reckon you could get away with just one. I received the colour 'Meet Me in Monaco' which is a peachy nude tone, which I will admit I wouldn't usually pick for myself, but I am pleasantly surprised! It seems to be working quite well with my pale skin tone and makes my nails look nice and clean, but I imagine this would look amazing on tanned and deeper skin tones.

Birchbox love to throw in an extra or two, and this month I got a little bar of Green & Blacks dark chocolate which unfortunately didn't make it into the photo as I may have eaten it... but you mat notice a wee card that says 'shhhh' on it, and on the reverse it reveals a collaboration with LuLu Guinness next month!! Now I don't know whether that means she will be designing the box, choosing the items in the box or contributing an item or potentially a mix of all three, I suppose we'll have to wait and see!!

Are you subscribed to Birchbox?
Do you like the look of this month's offerings?
Let us know in the comments!!

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