Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Benefit POREfessional: Agent Zero Shine Powder Review

It feels like a long time since I've done a good old fashioned review, but I have been putting a few products to test and I thought I'd shed some light on what I think of them. First in the firing line is this new release from Benefit. I actually happened to pick this up on it's release date, Boxing Day and have been using it ever since.

If you were to ask me to give a yes/no answer to whether the product itself was good, I would, through my gritted teeth, have to say, yes. Because I have to admit, the product itself, is a good one, it minimises pores, sets make-up well and can get rid of shine throughout the day, but I do have a lot of issues with this product. First and foremost, the packaging. It looks and feels cheap, and certainly does not look like you spent over £20 on it, the way the loose powder is dispensed is bit of a gimmick but also a bit of a pain, especially if you've only got the lid to empty it out into and you want to use a brush of your own. You'd think with an included brush, you could either take or leave it, however with this brush is up and inside the packaging - which basically means you get less product than what you think. In fact for your £23.50 you get a little under 7g, which I will put into context: Mac's Studio Fix Powder is £21.50 for 15g, Laura Mercier's Loose Powder is £29 for 29g. With some quick maths that makes Benefit's powder roughly £3.40 per gram, Mac's Studio Fix £1.43 per gram and Laura Mercier's Loose Powder at £1 a gram. And after a quick scan with other brands' offering of loose powder NarsBen Nye and even Chantecaille are cheaper gram for gram against Benefit's POREfessional powder. The more and more I look into the product, and other similar ones of the market, the more I am annoyed that I shelled out for it.

I would love this powder if they cut the gimmicks and the dishonest packaging and I am eager to see whether or not they release a pressed version of this which I would imagine gives you more product for your pound (upon looking up their box blushes which are also priced at £23.50, and you get 10g) As I said, this is a good product but it is certainly not worth the money, nor is it a product I will repurchase which is a shame because I do like Benefit as a brand and this has made me kind of sceptical of the brand.

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