Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Alice's Favourite Pamper Night Treats

Last week I talked about a few perfumes I thought would be wonderful if you were heading out for something special this Valentine's. Now, I know not everybody will be heading to the Italian 'round the corner for a candlelit meal for two - so don't worry - I've got you guys covered too. There's no day like February 14th to take time out and show yourself a bit of TLC and I find these products great for a little you time.

Lush Bath Ballistics/Bubble Bars from £1.95
Now, these two I have left over from a Christmas time splurge, but I'm more than sure that Lush have some limited edition Valentine's pieces in store ready and waiting for your perusing pleasure, as well as their permanent collection. Lush have a wide old range which will suit most, but if you wanted a liquid version, you could substitute a solid bath product from Lush to one of their shower gels and use it as a bubble bath!

I featured this mask in my January Favourites - and with good reason. Although I'm only just out of my teenage years, my skin is still failing to get the memo. I most definitely have oily and blemish prone skin and I like to turn to a mask such as this one to keep those pesky spots at bay. The Australian brand love pumping their products with ingredients that will work wonders for the skin, and this is no exception. Described by most as the souped up version of the famed Parsley Seed Mask, I skipped the middle man and went straight for the big boy - and my skin is thanking me for it.

Another mask I like reaching for is this one from Ren. I am not crazy on the smell, that is for sure, but I do like the results I see after using it. I feel this would work for most skin types and inject a bit of life back into your skin. The mask itself is quite translucent and I do wonder whether or not it would be a perfect long haul flight companion - I'll give it a whirl and keep you updated - but I do know for sure it leads to great skin, which means less make-up, which means less chance of a break-out. Score.

If masks are not your thing, but you want to show your skin some love, this may just be the ticket. This is the newest edition to my pamper night arsenal and so far I've been really liking it. It is definitely a weekly use product as it really does get to work on your skin - thus I wouldn't recommend it for those with sensitive skin. It's odd in the sense that when you first squeeze it out the tube it feels like a cream, but when you rub it in you feel just how fine the grains in the product really are. This is a product I like taking down onto my décolletage and works really well there too. It's also a fairly quick treatment so if you're strapped for time this is a nice one to use.

Onto body products, a great indulgent scrub with a not-so indulgent price tag is The Breakfast Scrub by Soap & Glory (recently renamed to fit in with it's scent family - 'The Smoothie Star range'). This scrub I find has a thicker consistency than the other offerings from S&G and oh, did I mention it smells like maple syrup? It smells so moreish and sweet and really gets the job done leaving your body lovely and smooth!

The Body Shop stock just about ever scent of body butter imaginable. I currently own two - Raspberry and Coconut. The body butters themselves are of a high quality, are super thick, and leave your skin feeling soft and supple. No, you can't put your jeans straight on and walk out the door, but I am always pleasantly surprised by the speed it soaks in when you take the thickness of the product into consideration. The Body Shop are always having deals in store and online (one of the most beneficial mailing lists I'm a part of!) so don't be put off by the £13 price tag, they're more often than not half price, or there's a money off deal running.

I hope some of these products help for care a little more for you, or make you feel good in this bleak winter weather. Whatever you're doing a week Friday, I hope you have a wonderful day!

Do you have any favourite pamper night products?
Had your eye on any of the above?

Let us know!!

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