Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Glossybox January 2014 First Impressions

Similarly to the Birchbox this month, Glossybox's theme is very much in tune with the new year momentum and is focussing on going back to basics. The magazine included features healthy recipes, tips from a health and fitness guru and some exercises to try out at home, as well as their usual features like ask the expert. Glossybox are also practicing what they preach this month, along with urging you to work on yourself, GB have revamped themselves ever so slightly - the box is slightly different, with a different logo design on top, as well as new ribbon around the tissue paper. Enough of the mag and the box!! Let's have a look inside!!

Glossybox retails for £10 plus P+P

Yu-Be Moisturising Cream £19.50 for 70g
I've received a sample of this before, and spoke of the odd story behind the company branching out, which again was included. That aside, this is one of those general moisturisers, it can be used on your face and lips, as well as your body - and I think would be great for those who really do struggle with dry skin. I would liken it to Elizabeth Arden's Eight Hour Cream, but this smells kind of herbal/medicinal. I personally am going to chuck these is my handbag and a 'just in case' product, but the full size comes in a tub which wouldn't be on-the-go friendly.

This body wash boasts 99% natural origin, an ethic close to Balance Me's heart. I haven't put this body wash to the test yet, so I can't comment on it's toning properties, but it smells fairly floral (this contains lavender, juniper and geranium), but kind of spa like at the same time. I'm eager to see whether it makes a genuine, long lasting difference to my skin.

This is a 'tool' brand which I've been looking at in my local Boots (brushes, nail grooming sets etc) and all of their products seem to live up to their name and ooze a vintage feel with various floral patterns, you could even argue Kath Kidston-esque. But this being said, I was worried this would all be style over substance and have always left their products on the shelves. I've had a quick go with these and they do actually sharp and let you get some of those pesky small hairs, which is ideal!

I do enjoy a good anatomicals product. I enjoy the fun and quirkiness of the brand (c'mon, tell me that name doesn't amuse you?) but I also like the products I've tried by them too. I'm excited to try these out, particularly after one too many the night before, I'm thinking of storing them in the fridge for even more de-puffing action!

Vaseline is always an old classic, and I know in my household there is always some lurking about somewhere. You really can't go wrong with this, it's super cheap and you get loads in the full size (a whopping 400ml) it is light in texture whilst leaving your skin soft and not sticky and the smell is fairly androgynous  - so much so even you're burly big brother has no excuse for soft skin.

So across the board a fairly nice selection of bits from Glossybox this month - although no make-up products which is a tad annoying!! I'm also not 100% whether or not the products tie in with the theme, but nice, useable products all the same.

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What did you think?

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