Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Empties #1

As January is the month for 'out with the old, in with the new' I thought I'd share with you the products I've used up over the past few months. I started to keep my empties in October so I thought this would be a nice seasonal feature here on the blog! After counting up all the products I've polished off, I've gone through a whopping 16 products!! I tell you what, collecting your empties is great way to slim down your collection, which works well for me and one of my new years resolutions.


My only make-up item which has bit the dust since I started collecting my empties. I've already repurchased as this is one of my favourite drugstore eyeliners! It is what I would call a traditional eyeliner, so probably not one for those who struggle with liquid liners, but it has a nice brush which is easy to work with, a nice, long lasting formula which works well on it's own or on top of shadows/primers.


A natural, rather gritty scrub. Definitely not for those with sensitive skin, but a great weekly exfoliator. Read my full review here.

That much hyped micellar water - which I in turn, do love. It's a quick and effective cleanser which feels just like water on your skin. I've already cooed over this product, which I will continue to love for the forseeable future. I'm currently using the Sebium variety of this product - which is more suited to my oily skin which I'm also enjoying!!

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant £40.50This is a deluxe sample I received through a beauty box, and I must say, it was a sad day when it was finished. I really did feel like I was clearing my skin when I used it - but it does have a bit of a price tag attached to it, alas, maybe one day we'll meet again.


A lovely thick, almost yoghurt like consistency hair mask. A really nice, moisturising hair mask which I would return to again. The price isn't too steep and it lasts a fair while if used 1-2 times weekly.

One of Lush's loved conditioner which I did enjoy using up. It describes itself as 'double strength and extra creamy' which I would disagree with - I thought the consistency was fairly thin for a conditioner. I did tend to drench my hair in this, which did leave my hair lovely and soft. I do think this is a lovely daily conditioner but what I will say (which goes for all Lush products) is if you don't like the smell, do not use it - as your hair and even your pillow will smell of this!!

A mask I have reviewed and loved - I found this did do wonders for my ombre hair. The consistency wasn't as thick as the Charles Worthington one I've tried, but I do think it nourished my dyed blonde ends beautifully.

This shampoo I use weekly and have already repurchased. This leaves my hair squeaky clean, but doesn't dry it out, although I wouldn't use this more than once a week just in case.
I thought about reviewing this shampoo whilst I was using it - but I didn't really have anything to say about it. I don't think my hair was dramatically volumized due to this shampoo, but it did clean my haie nicely. An average product, where if I had no daily shampoo and this was on offer, I would pick it up, but I think there is a shampoo out there which works better for me.
My most recent empty - yet another conditioner. I did enjoy using this up, I haven't been rubbing this into my roots, so I can't say if it volumizes but it wasn't heavy at all and left my hair feeling nice and soft, which is a winner for me.
A cheap and very cheerful product. When I reviewed this, I said how I thought this would be a great first hair oil, which I stand by. It makes such a different to the ends of my hair and I think most can benefit from using a hair oil - this one is nourishing and lightweight.

Body & Hand Care

I was sceptical at first when I heard about this product, but I've written about this product before and said how I now can't see a shower without it. A lazy girl's dream, a simple, quick way to get soft skin. I now own the big bottle of this stuff, which is slightly cumbersome, but a shower staple all the same.

I love this handbag essential, it leaves your hands nice and clean, and not smelling (that much) of alcohol, which is ideal for you public transport users in the morning (no one needs to rock up to work smelling or alcohol!) It's lovely and cheap and does what it says on the tin - lovely!

Not a lot to say about this product - it smelt nice, lathered nicely too. This product claims to hydrate your skin, and it certainly doesn't dry your skin out, and lather did feel nice on your skin - but it is nothing like the skin conditioner.

Unfortunately, I didn't actually finish this product, I threw it away. This stunk of aniseed/liquorice and although mixing a shower gel and a bar of soap sounds like an interesting context, but I think it's a tad awkward to use and a bit of a gimmick. This product may be great for children, but I don't think it works in a daily shower routine setting.

Another handbag essential, and great for those who don't have a lot of handbag space. You pop this on, rub it in, for a moment it's a little sticky and then boom - clean and soft feeling hands. A great little product which I have multiples of. A perfect on-the-go product!!

So looking back, I definitely managed to plough my way through a bunch of products!! A few gems, some so-so, and one I couldn't bring myself to finish - but you live, you learn. Now I can finally throw these away, the hoarding starts all over again, oh, to be a blogger. Now I've gone through the old, I thought next week I'd go through the (potentially) new, with a wishlist post, so I can drool all over some beautiful presents out there!!

Do you go through as many hair products as me?
Is one of your holy grails featured?
Let us know!!

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