Saturday, 18 January 2014

Emma's Top 5 Beauty Products for £5 or Less

Now Christmas is over we are all looking at our bank balances in horror and wondering how we are going to survive the depressing and dreaded wait for January pay day... am I right? So, I thought I would try and lift some spirits and share with you all five of my favourite beauty products that are all priced under £5! These are all simple and basic products but ones that I really love and would be perfect to tide anyone over until a luxe beauty splurge on pay day!

This products comes in a small tube with a doe foot applicator, easy to apply and the perfect size to tuck away in a small make-up bag or handbag. This concealer lasts all day and is the perfect thickness to buff in under my eyes and cover up my late night and early morning routine. If I was short of cash this would be the drug store concealer I would go for!

I have always and will always swear by this product, it may not be anything fancy, it is non-scented and in very simple packaging but it works wonders! I use this as a regular moisturiser or when my skin is feeling that extra bit dry or if I need to refresh my face! I take this on holiday and use it for sun-burn and I have heard that this works wonders for eczema sufferers. A plain and simple product is just what our skin needs sometimes and this is my holy grail for sure.

I don't wear eye-shadow everyday, so don't feel that I can justify splurging tonnes of money on a palette I will only use once in a blue moon. I think all of the MUA eye-shadows are ideal for anyone who doesn't want to spend loads, but still get a top quality product. This palette is my absolute favourite (review here) and to be perfectly honest wouldn't think about buying any similar (and 10x more expensive) products now that I have this one!

I received this little gem in a BirchBox last year and fell in love with it! I use it morning and night and it leaves your lips feeling super soft! It smells and tastes like After Eights so I can imagine it is Christmas all year round!

I have religiously used this product for years and have never found any problems with it. It actually holds your hair where you want it, I find some other hairsprays don't last all day! I love the smell of all Tresemme products and this is no exception. This hairspray is easy to brush out and doesn't leave any horrible build up in your hair.

What are your favourite cheaper alternatives?

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