Saturday, 22 February 2014

Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Foundation

I have been in a world of trouble with foundation recently and have been going from brand to brand trying to find my next everyday foundation. MAC Studio Fix Fluid was my old faithful until I suddenly didn't match any of the colours anymore! I had been wearing NW13 for the best part of the year until it suddenly felt too pale, so I tried out NW15 which was too dark. I took a trip back to MAC and explained my dilemma and they tried several colours and none looked right! I don't know if it is my skin tone or the products that have changed, but it is safe to say that my long term relationship with Studio Fix Fluid is over.

Once I was over the pain and heartbreak of all of that I explained my situation to a lady on the Clinique counter, who was so helpful! As I do get oiliness in my skin, looking back on it, MAC was just a bit too thick and full coverage for me, but nevertheless I do still like a full coverage foundation. The lady on the Clinique counter explained that they don't do a foundation as full coverage as MAC's Studio Fix that also has oil balancing qualities. I had previously been recommended the Stay Matte Oil Free Foundation by Clinique (review here) which was really good for oil control, but is a more sheer coverage, so she recommended the Anti-Blemish range. Out of the two Clinique foundations I have tried, I must say I do prefer this one! She advised that the Anti-Blemish range are the most full-coverage foundation Clinique do, as well as it helping to control oiliness, and I mean it is made to control blemishes, so it makes sense! She advised that the Stay Matte Oil Free Foundation is the best at controlling oil, and this is what they would usually recommend, but as I was looking for full-coverage, this was her second choice. Anyone with the same problem as me should definitely try both out. She gave me a sample of the foundation which lasted about a week and when that had run out I went straight back to purchase it!

I was matched to the palest colour in the range, '01 - Fresh Alabaster', which has pink undertones. This is definitely a buildable foundation, I usually buff in a base layer and then go over again with a second layer to get the fuller coverage that I want. I have had no problems with blemishes or breakouts and this foundation really does keep oil at bay! I still need to touch up my powder throughout the day but I am over the moon that I no longer get a scaly nose where my foundation has started to separate (anyone with an oily t-zone will know exactly what I mean!!).

This foundation is £24.00 for 30ml which I personally think is reasonable! I bought this bottle with my Boots points so it felt like I got it for free but would be more than happy to go back and spend actual money on this beauty of a foundation!!

Do you have trouble finding a foundation you love?
What foundations do you use?
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