Sunday, 19 January 2014

Birchbox January 2014 First Impressions

New year, new you is always a phrase thrown about in January, and as some of us make resolutions to change our bad habits, not all of us keep to them. This ties well into Birchbox's theme this month, which is 'tiny tweaks' - a simple idea of taking those big goals and breaking them down into smaller, more attainable chunks. This month's box with a beautifully designed booklet (as a design student I love the aesthetic of BBx!) featuring some nice and simple ideas to get you a few steps closer to that new you. Some that I'm definitely going to take on board is a monthly dinner date with my friends, body brushing and taking stairs over lifts. I also received 5 products and a lifestyle extra which I'll share with you now!

Birchbox Retails For £10 + £2.95 P+P

I've heard a lot about this lovely hair mask and have even given it prolonged stares in my local M&S. I hope the 20ml sample will stretch to 4-5 uses, giving me a month or so of weekly treatments. This is also a new concept for me as I usually stick with post shampoo masks, whereas this is a pre-shampoo treatment.

Emma and I are both big fans of this primer (Emma has even done a review, which you can read here) and I've actually had one of these deluxe sized samples before, which really do go a long way (upon checking volumes, this is a third of a full size). I do currently have a full sized tube of this product but this will be finding itself into my make-up bag very soon. Side note - has the price gone up on this one? It may have some to do with the release of their porefessional powder. (which I own - review on it's way) Benefit - don't think we're not noticing the price hike - 25 pounds isn't cute.

From complaining about 25 pounds, to something retailing for treble that. I've tried a few Rodial bits here and there through the beauty boxes I'm subscribed to. This here is a retinol treatment - a buzz ingredient which I've yet to try on my skin. Retinol usually features in anti-aging products, but I've heard it works wonders for us spotty folk too. I'm looking forward to seeing what it does to my skin!

This here is a foaming cleanser suited to all skin types. With the word 'detox' being thrown around a lot in January, the choice of putting this cleanser in is quite fitting. I look forward to giving this a whirl and keep my fingers crossed that it delivers and clears away all of the daily build up.

Premae is a brand I only know through the beauty box world and this is a nice little spray body oil. Giving the ingredients a quick scan, I know roughly what they are (various bits of coconut and rose wood oil, if you're wondering) and upon reading the bottle, it mentions how it is ideal for cellulite and tight muscles, which may be perfect with the copious amount of food and the sudden onslaught of exercise. Hopefully a nice, fast absorbing way to moisturise.

Birchbox love to throw in a few lifestyle extras, and this month is no exception. I was given the Istu Miso Soup (thank bloody god they sent me the vegetarian one). I've yet to try my sachet, but it's 42 calories, is a paste not a powder and has some half naked ladies jumping on the front - what more could you ask for? (potentially the amount of hot water to add, but I digress) I actually really do like soup, and hope this is a nice and filling one. Five nice samples which I will put to good use, free food and a lovely little, and somewhat inspirational booklet to have a flick through. Birchbox - you done good. You know what they say, start as you mean to go on.

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