Thursday, 2 January 2014

Alice's New Year Beauty & Non-Beauty Resolutions For 2014.

Why hello there, 2014 - you certainly crept up on us, didn't you! Emma and I took a week out of our usual postings to spend time enjoying the festive season but we are back and at it for this year, so sit tight!! 2013 for me, was one heck of a learning curve. I moved out of the big smoke and transferred universities which was probably the best decision I've made, Emma and I put time and effort into this here blog and I must admit, I'm so proud of it! An ambitious soul like me however, is always looking to better themselves, and a New Year always brings some momentum to make changes for the better. Here are my beauty and non-beauty goals for the year ahead!!

To set me off on the right foot I have Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish and Dr. Bronner's
Magic Soap!!

Cleanse, Cleanse, Cleanse!!
This year I turn 21, and therefore become a real adult, and if this has to happen, I am determined to rid myself of this teenage skin which is still lingering. Although I'm sure I already own all the ingredients for clear skin, but I more or less have no skincare routine. I've fallen into the Bioderma quick fix rut, which although it is a great product, I know it isn't enough for my oily, blemish prone skin. My make-up brushes often fall into a manky disarray before I spend the 15 minutes it takes to clean them - I'm in possession of Dr Bronner's Magic Soap and Elf's Brush Cleaner so there really is no excuse! I also pick my spots and always have, I'm genuinely surprised and lucky that I have no scarring. I get annoyed when spot treatments don't work, even though I've already ripped the spot clean off my face before applying it. Bad habits are hard to kick, but this has gone on long enough!! Goodbye spotty teen, hello clear skin.

This isn't even nearly all of my red lipsticks...

Quality Over Quantity
I've built up quite a beauty collection this year, and I dread to think the amount I have spent on it all, and although I've made some cracking discoveries, I know I need to cut down on my £50 Boots splurges. As my tastes get more and more expensive, I know I need to curtail my shopping addiction, otherwise it really could get out of hand. I'm implementing two techniques to save my pocket, the first is a beauty shop ban for January - I've shopped the sales (post coming next week!) and been given some lovely beauty bits over Christmas which should keep my love for new things at bay for the month, but also I'm making deals with myself to use up products (an empties post is also on it's way!!) and then letting myself invest in a higher end counterpart - for example polishing off my S&G and Liz Earle hot cloth cleansers and giving into the ever so hyped Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm! It's sad, but I think this way I will almost feel like I've earned it which will mean a happy Alice, and a happier bank balance.

My favourite healthy snack - cherry tomatoes!!

Look After Myself
A vague one, but I guess it is intended to be. December is the month of excess, so when the seemingly endless supply of cheeses and chocolates have run dry, I want to be back to eating clean and steering clear of the easy-way-out carbsfest I find myself succumbing to - as a vegetarian living in a house of non-veggies this can get difficult and the dependable bread bin is always stocked. I'm also not drinking this month, I do mean alcohol but also I'm trying to stick to green tea and water so I can be nice and hydrated. I also want to get back onto the vitamin wagon to give my innards a little bit of pazazz. I'm toying with the idea of getting a Lumie Alarm Clock to help me get up in the mornings which I really do struggle with. I'm going to be flying the nest this summer, so being truly self-sufficient and independent I really do need to look after myself and sometimes take some time to think about myself and my needs - it never hurt being a wee bit selfish.

Some books to get me going!

Educate Myself.
I suppose this is a tangent of my former point, but (secretly) I do love to learn. As I head back to university, I really do want to give it my best, as well as making a conscious effort outside of uni to read more and continue to learn French and Spanish. I know it sounds like a lot but with the philosophy of little and often I think I could really transform my spare time into Alice voluntarily learning time.

A spring clean is absolutely essential for me

With hereditary hoarding tendencies, and being naturally messy I find my living space looking an awful lot like a bomb has hit it most of the time. A big spring clean is in order, as well as keeping it all in order. The last thing I want is to be moving out and making my boyfriend live in my clutter. The truth is I'm often too embarrassed to let people come into my room, and that there should be enough for me to be brave, take the plunge and have a good old clear up and out. I'm aiming to go through my wardrobe, and my stuff in general to see what I want to come with me on the big move. De-cluttered surroundings lead to de-cluttered minds!!

My trusty friend - the filofax

Plan Ahead.
I've purchased the refill for my filofax, and dedicated a notebook to the blog and I intend to keep on top of all of the deadlines I set myself. I always spread myself too thinly, and take on too much but if I stay level headed and keep my priorities straight, I won't disappoint myself or others by falling short of my targets. As this blog continues to grow (we're almost as 100 posts and 10,000 views!) I want to continue creating fresh content as I simply love doing it. I'm also eager to start creating videos for this, which I'm a bit apprehensive about, but I will have one up before January is through!!

After a rather weighty first post for 2014, I'd really like to thank everyone who supports Emma and I doing this - I feel so happy when people say they liked a post or enjoy reading this wee little beauty blog!! A year in, and we're still as passionate as ever!! With every New Year, we hope for bigger and better things!!

All the love and well wishes in the world

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