Monday, 23 December 2013


Hello!! Well, 2013 is almost at an end with Christmas only a couple of sleeps away!! This past month I snuck away to Berlin with my boyfriend!! We had a lovely little weekend away and the Christmas Markets there blew the socks off anything I've seen here in the UK! We were King and Queen tourist, racing around the city trying to squeeze in as much as we could!! I picked a few things up in the airport which I've mentioned in a previous post! After getting back I conquered the mammoth task which is Christmas shopping, managed to have a three separate Christmas dinners with friends which has been amazing - I always find this time of year great to get together with those you hold close! I also popped to the cinema to see Gravity which is a must see!! I hope you all have a lovely Christmas and 2014 starts off with a bang and is even better than 2013!!

Made any New Years Resolutions?
Got many plans to ring in the New Year?

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