Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Soap & Glory's Yule Monty Review

A lot of people have varying times as to when it is time to truly celebrate Christmas. For some it's the Starbucks red cups, the Coca-Cola advert being aired or the first window on your advent calendar. For me, it's when the enormous Soap & Glory hamper goes on better than half price at Boots (and upon looking it all up, their website too!) Boots' star gift's run Friday-Thursday, so last Friday I had the day off and made a special trip to pick up my Christmas treat and was happy that there was still a mountain of these by the door. Emma and I both sing the praises of S&G and this is the third year we've bought it. Each year the products and bag design change slightly (This year Boots are sporting a special edition bag designed by Jonathan Saunders!) I wanted to write about the 9 full size products you get and what I thought about them!!

Under the tree! The Yule Monty's RRP is £60 but is currently on sale £27

Products L-R The Righteous Butter, Butter Yourself, Hand Food, Sexy Motherpucker XL,
Thick & Fast Mascara, The Scrub Of Your Life, Heel Genius, Sugar Crush Body Wash, Peaches & Clean.

Hand Food 125ml
An all-time favourite of mine, I've definitely used up my fair share of these!! You can never go wrong with this hand cream. A great all-round product for keeping your hands soft and lovely. Great for this time of the year, as well as in the depths of summer as it is not greasy at all and sinks in wonderfully!

The scent of this is bloody heavenly. Super sweet and citrusy scent which if this were a drink, I would drink it all the time!! I think this is the perfect addition to your morning shower routine!!

This body butter I think it their most popular, it does a great job of making your skin super soft as well as making you smell absolutely delicious!! This is in their 'Original Pink' scent family which I think smells lovely and girly!!

Emma unfortunately didn't get on with this product when she tried it (find the review here) but I believe after inspecting both the old and the new bottles it has been reformulated, so I am going to still give this a whirl and report back!!

A nice all-round foot cream, it is advised that you slather this on before bed and wear socks which is a great little tip to make your tootsies nice and soft, it smells nice but not too overpowering which is an added bonus!

I'm currently using and loving this smoothie star moisture lotion, (read my autumn winter favourites here) but when I've finished that up I will be happy to use this as it is a similar formulation but a different scent.

I've used up a whole tube of this before and it is great if you are after lovely soft skin it is very easy to apply and to wash off in the shower, a lovely little treat!

I love that Soap & Glory are adding in some of their make up to their hamper, as I'm a big fan of their line. Last year they included the same mascara and I enjoyed using it! It is a volumising mascara with a very large brush!!
This plumping gloss is not for the faint hearted, and even comes with a mini warning on the back! It is a nice universal shade and I'm sure would look great on anybody who is after that nice big pout!

Also in the hamper is some samples of their new serum - make yourself youthful - as well as a voucher for facial skincare to spend in Boots. I'm excited to put this to the test as I enjoyed  using the Soap & Glory skincare which I have used previously, and I think the voucher is a nice added touch. Out of all the hampers that Boots offer at this time of year this one is definitely my favourite. Soap & Glory are a brand I go back to time and time again and I find that the products are always the perfect mix between quality and value. Snapping at this deal was a no-brainer for me as these products sold separately amount to £72.50, which shows a nice saving even at the £60 RRP for this hamper, let alone saving £45.50, getting a lovely little bag and some vouchers/samples!! As you can see Christmas has well and truly come early for me, scour your larger Boots stores to see if you can still get your hands on this great deal!!

I hope you're having a lovely Christmas time!
Have you been naughty and bought yourself any presents?
Letters know in the comments!!

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