Saturday, 16 November 2013

Nails Inc Corrector Pen

I am a big fan of perfectly groomed hands and nails but the time and effort needed for the manicure side of things is sometimes too much. I will more than likely always have acrylic nails on, but when I don't I am faced with the task of neatly painting my own nails. Painting my own nails is something I have never been very good at, I will always get it over the sides of my fingers, on my cuticles and end up in a huge mess that I some how have to clean up whilst preserving the varnish on my nails. My usual clean up method would be a cotton bud dipped in nail varnish remover, yes that does work and yes I am sure a lot of other people do the same thing, but, I find myself with the problem of too much varnish being wiped away due to the size of the cotton bud, or, the tiny strands of hair from the cotton bud sticking to my nail varnish.

On browsing the Nails Inc website I came across this product, similar products are on the market for eye make-up mistakes but this is the first time I have seen one for nails. The pen is the size of a marker pen and comes with three nibs, one is already inserted for you and two are spare in a separate compartment at the top of the pen. The nib has a flat edge on one side and a more rounded edge on the other side with an overall pointed tip, this is perfect for precision and removing the exact amount of varnish needed. When you remove the lid the pen smells very strongly of nail varnish remover and after having this product for several months, it has not dried up.

So does the product actually work? Yes it does! Hooray, no more mess! The only downfall is how fast you get through the nibs. If you are removing a dark colour (my experience was with a navy blue) the nib will stain very quickly, meaning that once it is covered with varnish, you are essentially just rubbing nail varnish back onto your nail. Lighter colours don't stain as fast, but overall you do not get very many uses out of the nibs and at £10.00 this product isn't the cheapest to keep repurchasing when you are out of nibs.

Overall, this is a handy little tool to have if you are constantly painting your nails (and making mistakes in the process). I think this is best suited to girls who are always doing their nails on the go or in a rush e.g. on the bus to work, at your desk or before bed! It is small and a lot easier to pop in your make-up bag than a big bottle of nail varnish remover. I don't think I will be repurchasing, only due to the fact I have used it only a handful of times and it would not be worth my money.

Have you tried this product or any similar products?
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