Saturday, 2 November 2013

Make-Up Forever Sculpting Kit

"Contouring" and "Sculpting" are words we are reading over and over again across beauty blogs and in beauty articles, but finding the ideal contouring product seems to be a tiring task. The idea of contouring is to sculpt your face and define your features, Make-Up Forever's Sculpting Kit teams two essential shades in one slim compact, a light shade for highlighting and a dark shade for contouring and creating shadows. These pressed powders are really silky and apply an absolute dream with a good contouring brush (I am currently using an Avon one, that has sadly been discontinued!). As the powder is so silky and finely milled, there is a bit of fall out and therefore product wasteage, this wouldn't usually be a problem for me, but as this product is super pricey for the size of it (£27.95 on Guru Make-Up Emporium) the amount of waste worries me!

What drew me to this palette is the matte powders, there are so many powders out there with some sort of shimmer or shine to them which I think ruins the whole effect of contouring. There are four shades in this range that are simply numbered Shades 1, 2, 3 and 4, from seeing all the shades I think they really vary and you should definitely test them out before buying! It isn't necessarily the light shade that is a problem to match to your skin, it is the darker shade. I picked up palette #2 and find that the dark shade is a tad on the orangey side, but on viewing the other palettes, firstly #3 and #4 look way too dark for me to even consider, but #1 looks very pink toned, there doesn't seem to be a happy medium. The powders are super pigmented, have a really good colour pay-off and are generally really effective powders.

I would love to see some more shades added into this range for us paler girlies as I really love using this product when I have the time to dedicate to contouring.

What powders do you use to contour and highlight?
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