Saturday, 9 November 2013

MAC Prep + Prime: Skin Refined Zone Treatment Soin

I was recommended this primer by an MUA at my local MAC counter for tackling an oily t-zone, at £16.00 for 15ml this isn't the cheapest primer out there, but I am always up for testing out products made specifically for the t-zone. This product is advertised to cloak visible pores whilst creating a long-lasting natural matte finish.

The primer is more liquidy rather than creamy, which isn't a problem as it dries instantly on application. When the product has dried you can really feel the mattifying effects and there is a sort of resistance when applying foundation and concealer on top. This product is really lovely on first application and does all it says on the tin!

In my personal experience, after a couple of hours this product completely fails me, yes, it does cloak visible pores, but this is the least of my worries when the light is reflecting from my shiny nose... eek! I think that people with minimally oily skin may see the effects of this primer, just as I do on first application. Although this isn't the best primer for me, it is really light, doesn't clog up pores and lasts for ages! A tiny amount of this primer goes a really long way so if you think this will be effective for your skin type it is a good investment as you do really get what you pay for!

What products do you use from the Prep + Prime range?
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