Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Urban Decay De-slick Mattifying Powder Review

Urban Decay is always a brand I've liked the look of but never really ventured into their products, but have always wanted to. They're also a brand known for their long-wearing products from the 24/7 eyeliners to teaming up with Skindinavia for their range of setting sprays. I was after a powder I could pop in my handbag and get out to blot the day's oiliness and the De-slick Mattifying Powder looked like it would tick all the boxes!!

This product retails for £20

What the product looks like

Now, this may only be a problem for me, but in less than 24 hours I'd dropped this £20 powder on the floor, and yep, it cracked. I know that somewhere down the line it's going to break up prematurely and be going to make-up heaven before it's time. I must say, this has really annoyed me, UD have spent a fair bit of time designing the packaging for this product, and you'd like to think a powder on the higher end of the spectrum would be a bit more durable. I also feel this product is sort of sold as a 'handbag' beauty product, with the De-slick Spray for when you first apply the make-up and the powder for throughout the day. I hope that I just dropped it at a weird angle and this isn't a usual thing. Aside from my packaging issue, this product is actually really good! This product has no pigment in it whatsoever so your pals can borrow it from you no bother, it may look a teensy bit white upon first applying, but when applying the right amount, I think it'll sit on the skin no bother whether you're super fair or have a really deep skin tone. Don't be put off by the slightly bumpy feel when swatching in store, this coarseness doesn't translate at all onto the skin when using a puff or a brush (my weapon of choice is the contour brush from Real Technique's Duo Fibre Collection) and leaves a really nice natural finish to the skin, whilst getting rid of and keeping oils at bay. For the amount you use everyday, I do think it is well worth the £20 price tag. I found this powder also lasts for a long time, which I think is great, no more catching a glimpse of my reflection and having a shiny face! This product is great for touch ups as well as setting your make-up and I think a great all rounder for those willing to pay a little more for their powder. My skin is oily/combo and I've found this works really well through my oily t-zone.

Bar the 'technical difficulties', I would recommend this product. It does what it says on the tin, and it does it well, and for an oily girl like me, having a fix, which lasts more than five minutes is a god send. It's an easy product to have in your bag, on hand for all your oily needs and will rue the day when this puppy smashes like a champ.

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