Saturday, 12 October 2013

Real Techniques Duo Fibre Collection

As a big fan of the Real Techniques duo-fibre stippling brush I was keen to try this limited edition duo-fibre set when they were released! This set was released in May and will be on sale for the next year.

This set contains 3 brushes, the Duo-Fibre Face Brush, the Duo-Fibre Contour Brush and the Duo-Fibre Eye Brush. The first thing you will notice is the change in colour scheme, these brushes are a distinct white and black instead of the usual black/gold/purple/pink scheme. Unlike previous Real Techniques brush sets, this set does not come with the usual travel case, which for me is not a problem as I always pop my brushes in my make-up bag if I am on the move. I think Real Techniques brushes are really reasonably priced, you can pick this set up for £23.99 and very often Real Techniques are included in Boots and Superdrugs offers, you can currently get these in the buy one get the second half price deal at Boots, lovely!

The Duo-Fibre Face Brush is my favourite of the set, very big and absolutely perfect for a light coverage of face powder. For a thicker coverage I would not use this, as the bristles aren't thick, you can't pick up or apply tonnes of product. Although I haven't tried it out, this brush would be good for an all over bronzing also.

The Duo-Fibre Contour Brush, I didn't really get on with, this brush is designed for contouring and sculpting the face, but I feel I can't be very controlled with it as it is such a light brush. I think this would be an excellent brush for applying cream products such as blushers and bronzers!

Finally, the Duo-Fibre Eye Brush is advertised as being perfect for adding finishing touches to eyes. Due to the light feel of the brush, I didn't get very far with actual application with this brush, this is definitely more of a blending brush. This is good for lighter blending, but as with the Contour Brush, I prefer a thicker bristled brush.

Overall, I think this is a good set, but for a basic make-up bag, I wouldn't say it is a must have, unless you always want to achieve a very natural, light finish to your make-up.


  1. I really want to try out some real technique brushes!

  2. they are really good! you should try out one of the starter kits :) xxx